Sunday, November 30, 2003

nobody reads nor post at me blogs. yup. quiet.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

sat nite fever

no i'm not having a fever of watever.

but i'm at home on saturday. night. well, i did go to serge's sister's birthday celebration. yeah, then went home lor. go out and partY?
here's my typical laments:
too crowded
too expensive
not worth it, buy frm 7-11 better
7-11 too ex, buy frm carrefour better
cab fare too ex
i want my beauty sleep

the thing is, not that i DUN want to cheong, or party or wat...
firstly, i'm not a party person. yeah. with a great big good crowd? sure... why not...
but partying (usually at clubs/disco) always end with me with smoke smells. yuck. i really really loathe cigg smells on me. hair, clothing... everything. so unless its a real to die for (dj shadow or chem bros, or break beats music, ie old phuture) or a rare chance that a gp of my fav ppl have gathering or wat not... chances is i'm not really going to be there.

which brings me to point 2 of why i dun really cheong. the timing. i DO envy ppl with no care in the world... i dun mean everything... but generally, have the habit of sleeping late, and waking up later. or ppl with less than 8 hrs of sleep. most of my peers can take it. i cant. i dunno why. i need the min 8 hrs, YET i dun like to wake up later than 11am (whoa thats really late leow). a few rare occasions when i went home later than usual ( 3-4am, or once, 6.30am) i sleep less than 5 hrs, i have to wake up and do chores. CHORES? yes, chores. weekly moping of floor/sweeping.. with my 'packed' weekends of jammings and meeting up and going out with bf/friends/etc... i WANT to laze around, i WANT to do no housework... but i cant. i have responsibilities. which brings me to the NEXT point.

i got loving grandma. she'll make sure she'll have breakfast for me everyday sat and sunday coz i'll be at home, and scared i'll be hungry without breakfast. now... if i were to wake up later than breakfast time (usually 10+), or nearing lunch time... the food would have gone soggy/cold/watever... which i can warm up later or i'll still eat it. problem is... my grandma, lovingly as she is, likes to nag. and make it a sarcastic one. threatened she wont buy breakfast and stuff if i keep 'wasting' her breakfast etc etc... so i HAVE to eat it by proper meal time.

or i can just solve all these by just saying no? no to wat?
i'm feeling like stitch all over again. *bites both toes and rolled into a ball*

Friday, November 28, 2003

end of the mth resolutions

i decided to do this end of the mth thingy...
why? i dunno.

i resolve to:
1) be passionate abt my job. yes, i always complain how this and how that abt my work/office/colleagues. i shall frm today forth be passionate, and do my best (not that i didnt all the while).
2) not be affected by what ppl say too much. yes, i'm always tryin to 'fit in' into society/friends/family's ideals of wat i shld or shld not do. watever i do/did and watever their comments is.... fuck it.
3) give thanks to whoever/watever/whenever. i'm thankful my family members are healthy, happy and i got everything i wanted, am grateful, and of course, i'm very very lucky that i got a loving boyfriend.

the world is chaotic enough. enough of sadness. bla bla. u gotta work it, if u want it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Monday, November 24, 2003

argh. blythe attack!

just reserved this doll. the one i really liked.

and thinking of getting this one next

man they are evil. makes u spend. grrrrr.

Sunday, November 23, 2003


i am still not officially out of lynx. they dun want to let me go.

anyhoo... saw this really nice guitar. epiphone zack wylde series. wooo. nice. very nice. i want one. retail list price is 1350. :S but if there's the pink and black design, i'll definately buy it. altho i'm not a guitarist. but hey... pink leh.

but i already gotten what my bf would like as a gift for his bd... HALF A GUITAR! :D chipped in half for this guitar, newly in, but he's been eyeing for the longest time online. :) collecting tomolo on his behalf as i'm on leave, and got nothing to do... :/

ppl still owe me money, i still owe ppl money. aint good eh?

Saturday, November 22, 2003

not a good week

everyone's argue-ing
family got problems
i am broke
work aint fantastically great and satisfying
throat feels like a ton, and rusti
ppl owe me money, i owe ppl money
bills bills bills
i miss my mama and papa

i think i want to sell off alot of things thats cluttering ard my room and living room watever. i collect too much junk.
old magazines anyone? receipts, notes, mails, containers, mess, duurrt...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

aw man

shit happens when u are about to go on leave.

suddenly infinite amt of projects looms over my desk, with briefs for them as short as my eyebrow hairs.
and today a _trying_to_be_ well dressed lady cut into my queue at hawker centre, and gave me the lamest excuse when i told her nicely she cut into my queue.

'the aunty took my order first. if u want, go ahead, be in front of me'
its HELLO, YOU cut into my q, can still say these kind of things, and when the aunty DID ask wat u want, u just go ahead and ignore me. obviously, she wants to cut my q.

luckily that loud and obnoxious lady at the stall got the hint as i stood quietly (the 'articulate' lady spoke really loudly) and asked me wat i wanted, and gave me my orders first. :/

then met TKL, ALT and mr wong, with serge of coz, for dinner and pool... heh. was fun. but table is bad. balls are flying.
tired. off to sleep. i want a dog like oscar.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Saturday, November 15, 2003


jam 5 songs in... 5 days? i dun think i can catch everything man...

Friday, November 14, 2003


i is guilty. of not giving congratulations on the actual day! better late than never.

CONGRATS 5th UNCLE! May u have lots of wedded bliss, and its good to at LONG last see u met someone special to settle down with. :) finally another ang pao to add to my new yr anticipation! hehe... but then if he's at liverpool, then abit diff to get hor??? nvm.. there's fedex. or ups.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

havent blog for sooo long.

yes. i is lazy. wat to do?
as my grandma is on holiday at london (but she's coming back soon) i have to do the laundry. luckily, after 2 weeks of laundry washing and hanging and smelly clothes as the result of no sunning, my grandpa decided to help out abit by takin in the lighter loads after sunning them for a few hrs, and now it only takes 1 day to dry the clothes (and boy they smell so much fresher), instead of 2 days indoors. :)

told my vox at LYNX how i really felt abt the whole all girl tryin to sell to labels at taiwan... so yeah... now i'm kinda... not playing... anymore. yay. more time for me... urgh.
my office has no pin hole camera, but we are still under surveillance, there's spies everywhere, and yeah..

got two new colleagues as MR EDITOR is leaving... and guess what... the new ppl are all guys... there's no females in the whole office, except 3 of us (two is employed the longest of time).... the whole office is turning male. guess the boss likes males. *snigger snigger*

Monday, November 10, 2003



Wednesday, November 05, 2003


waiting for time to pass to go jammin at my workplace area.

hmmm wat to do alone? eat? walk? shop? chinatown? hmmm...

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

and my life is


and i plan to do these in this month:
1) finish arrangin songs for the all girl band 'LYNX' (thats the name hur)
2) save (yes, been sayin that for the longest time)
3) plan my leave and holiday
4) finish all my projects in office
5) make something nice, a whole set, for Ice. Probably a doll size Marlboro Menthols Light hardpack too. :P

the most unanswerable question of the moment:
what do serge want for his birthday that i CAN afford to buy/do?

Monday, November 03, 2003

rush busy mush

been very bz with jamming.
the all girl thing.
and i'm lazy, i cannot learn more on guitars and i sux at solos. heck, even riffs.

and i'm too soft hearted to say a firm NO. *sigh*

Sunday, November 02, 2003