Wednesday, June 29, 2005


saw a rainbow this morning on my way to work.

this morning, i was later than usual. something tells me to take it easy.
and on the train, i saw the rainbow. nice!

Monday, June 27, 2005


always had this question or something like this in my head but finally i found my question *bleah*....

'Do you read all the linked up bloggers daily?'

i have a list here.... lets see.... mostly poly mates, poly mates... some IRC friends...

thats about it?

how about 50 ppl? so u read 50 blogs a day?
i dunno... maybe i read slow... or just too lazy... probably the latter.

oh its my last week!

great. lookin forward to KL again!

its been a while since i went back. and since my parents needed a cleaner & painter (hey i can do both!), yeah... plus spicy sauce steamed fish & belachan kang kong is calling out to me...

anyhoo... goin to be jobless soon.
wonder whats in it for me in the near future?

i hope i will have a new job soon, so i can apply annual leave to go HK end of this yr...
or stay jobless.... then i can go anywhere i want.... *wishful thinking*

we'll see...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

materials series to end... and beginning of the little girl series

welcome to the little girl series.

inspired by a bad bout of misunderstandings regarding certain materials possessions, i've decided to start afresh with little girl series.

basically, its a series of short stories. with little girl as the protagonist. enjoy. hope to turn it into picture book soon too!

'there was once this little girl, who has big ambitions.

little girl was good at a few things. namely gardening, piloting, and running.

gardening calms her down.

piloting, well, let's say she's good manipulating joysticks.

and she can really run.

little girl grew up (but not that much) and was doing full time air fighter piloting for career. money was good, but the stress & pressure was there.

in her free time, she can bonsai-fy a plain old boring shrub.

and little girl believes running can put her health in tip top conditions for piloting and gardening.

one day the air force hired someone better (probably older too), and she was no longer needed to fly full time. so little girl need to find a job quickly.



Monday, June 20, 2005

whee my titles sucked

found this after fumbling thru a few 'famous' bloggers.

but i'm not writing what he wrote. basically readin his blog reminds me of the time, i follow ms brahooha on her icq outing, and when i met up w local blythe lovers 'community'.

in short, i rather know the person's real name, than to be known as rave, dick, watnot.

or, if u must go for such outing, wear a sticker/teeshirt/cap that has ur nickname on.
wont it save alot of trouble having ppl to identify u (if u are attention seeking), and on a good side, u can reuse the teeshirt/cap *except sticker. unless u print 1000 copies

Sunday, June 19, 2005


wake up at 10-11am on sat and today.

will be goin back KL on 2nd july. guess only my baby would miss me. heh.
be back just in time for Goof CHarlotte (opps) concert.

wah seh. long time no go concert leh! hehehe

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


pass this along all u fellow blogsters.


shot by:
Image hosted by
soon to be sold panasonic lumix camera


Image hosted by
battered up $5 army market slingbag

Image hosted by
house&office keys

Image hosted by
everyday watch

Image hosted by
panasonic mobilephone

Image hosted by
ipod mini w lousy battery life & eq

Image hosted by
but sony studio monitors to the rescue!

Image hosted by
ezlink card

Image hosted by
with MY MELODY design! EEKS!

somehow i manage to forget my wallet. but its ok. there's always a familiar to borrow money from.

i am a geek!!!!

check out my new layout. moahahahahah.

all done by myself!

of coz, with a few referencing on CSS style etc etc...
mod princess wannabe!

Friday, June 10, 2005


contrary to my previous post, today was TOTAL ASS BITCHIN SESSION day.

complains about certain colleagues

complains about WEIRDOS on the mrt DURING PEAK PERIOD

complains about the crowd at town on fri nite

many many complains.
man... i feel good after that. ahhh...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


hey i didnt keep up with my promise in the last post... but waddahell. :P

been real busy, esp after you've tendered your resignation. suddenly the workload! omg.... surged beyond comprehension.

but it's been good.... i'm complaining less, enjoying the silly stresses others are giving me coz it'll be gone soon! etc etc...

my soon-to-be-ex boss made another failed attempt to revive my 'passion for producing'. its more like sarcastic, for he mentioned 'such a waste, up&coming producer..' bla bla. especially since i've already made my decision to leave. what's the point of staying 1 more mth to help out? i rather do other things...

speakin of which...
i dun intend to find a job soon, need to rebuild my portfolio, do some animation, draw and be a good homemaker for my hardworking hubster. probably see if there's any freelance along the way....

also tryin to dabble in concert/gig producing. with my new skill as 'producer', i hope to really make a mark on the small pathetic but growing local music scene.

think seekee think.