Sunday, December 28, 2003

everything dun work

at office
my icq at home


sidetrack a while...
its kinda weird when u find old secondary/primary school friends on FIENDSTERS... u feel happy for those thats attached, some u feel queer for reasons u dont know. as my list of FIENDS grow longer and longer... sumtimes u wonder...

why bother. i dun hang out with u guys anymore.. in fact, i wasnt even that close to begin with.
i'm not pretty, i'm not smart. i'm just a malaysian outKast. heh.


zzzz on a rainy sunday afternoon... zzzz

Thursday, December 25, 2003

i am back
and will be back at work tomorrow

and all i bought is a pair of sneakers, 2 belts, and... thats it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

i ate too much

and i took measurements to make a cheeena top for CNY.
nice blue flowers/patterns fabric. :)

Monday, December 22, 2003

i is in KL

i is bought nike dunk. for RM100.
we is walked ard bukit bintang walk too much.
3-5 shopping centres in 6 hrs, not a good idea. :P

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


shld start practising bass now.

still dun feel well. oh well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

on MC

haiz. sick ahz...

dunno to go detrash tonite or not...
its metal night tonite.

shld i practice bass too? hmm

Sunday, December 14, 2003

XMAS wishlist

hi people who are reading this blog of mine...

1) canon A80 digi cam
2) gothic thunderbird bass
3) L'OREAL anti frizz hair mask
4) nice earrings. :)

no.3 and 4 can be easily achieved, but i dun mind gettin those frm the ppl i'm gettin sumthing for them whom are already informed of it. ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2003

forgot something

lemme quote my brother

'there's absolutely nothing wrong with gaming'

oh yeah. nothing's wrong with the _as my bro gestures the two finger thing_ BAD characteristic coz diff ppl see BAD differently.

just rememberd this... as i sit in front of my computer. hmmm.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

i am

i cannot know how some ppl can be very knowledgeable over games (be it RPG, multi player, watever)...
know every single details how to accomplish this, how to overcome obstacles to get ur goal, think of ways and means to do something, to beat others to it...

this may not necessarily mean bad... means u are passionate enough...
and my sister find that with my brother...
the thing is...

why can't they apply the skills that they learn frm gaming, ie all the obstacle overcoming thingy, to ppl skill?
or people around them? if they can bother to find out ALL about the games, why not bothering to find out how ppl feel/think/like? i'm not asking these ppl to change or watever...
but by doing things thats not fair to me, disrepect my decision and properties, is very unfair to me. i never throw away ur games, delete ur stuff on MY computer, in fact, i let my sister use it. Use, but do not install RO online (the game) coz u already installed it with my bro's computer (WAT? INSTALL 2 COMP FOR WAT SIA?). but no... instead, they (the two ganged up) install it. WITHOUT letting me know. and do not want to admit its a fault. no... its no fault... the only fault is i didn't allow her to install it. yes... thats the only fault.

subsequence actions means nothing, my feelings/place in the family wont mean a thing also...
just becoz i said NO.

just bcoz of this one point that i want my sister to not be too obsesssive over this silly game, i am now:
talked back
no respect (not that i have much to begin with JUST becoz i'm not interested in their silly games)

sometimes... i wish i dun have such a sister...and brother...
but instead of being too selfish to think that way, and i basically cant choose family...

all i can do.

try to learn how to whistle.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

post 'chiong-ing'

i want to sleep till much later but i cant.
ppl in my house talk REALLY loudly. woke me up at 9am, eventho i got home at 2am, and slept by 2.30ish..
bro questions why i'm back so late bla bla REALLY loudly eventho theres no fuckin construction going on...
finally dragged myself out of bed at 10ish just to find my bro conveniently and comfortably goin to toilet for half an hour.
by the time the toilet is ready for me to use, its nearing 11, and i gotta go jammin at 12 at tanjong pagar.

see why i dun want to cheong... coz theres just too much lined up for me... i'm so tired today... i'm a walking zombie.
but on a good side, the jammin place, the guy running the show Bob... held sum hari raya celebration thing for all his friends/customer/ etc so we all get to eat yummy mutton ribs, nasi sambal goreng, and erm... really sweet kailan...

i better go sleep now.

Friday, December 05, 2003

for the first time...

asian beat tix is sold out. thanks to CHC ppl supporting Dream Factory, a finalist band...

Thursday, December 04, 2003

moral of the story is...

hand itchy, butt itchy, scratch it.
but if it turns sore, infected, ppl will snigger.

had some laugh coz somebody did sumthing stupid in office.
had worries coz serge seems so caught up with his boss's attitude.
had loads of things in my eyes... the gooey kind.. for past few days.
goin asian beat finals ya. later.

oh yeah. tryin to save up for a canon A80... finally... a digi cam of my own??

Sunday, November 30, 2003

nobody reads nor post at me blogs. yup. quiet.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

sat nite fever

no i'm not having a fever of watever.

but i'm at home on saturday. night. well, i did go to serge's sister's birthday celebration. yeah, then went home lor. go out and partY?
here's my typical laments:
too crowded
too expensive
not worth it, buy frm 7-11 better
7-11 too ex, buy frm carrefour better
cab fare too ex
i want my beauty sleep

the thing is, not that i DUN want to cheong, or party or wat...
firstly, i'm not a party person. yeah. with a great big good crowd? sure... why not...
but partying (usually at clubs/disco) always end with me with smoke smells. yuck. i really really loathe cigg smells on me. hair, clothing... everything. so unless its a real to die for (dj shadow or chem bros, or break beats music, ie old phuture) or a rare chance that a gp of my fav ppl have gathering or wat not... chances is i'm not really going to be there.

which brings me to point 2 of why i dun really cheong. the timing. i DO envy ppl with no care in the world... i dun mean everything... but generally, have the habit of sleeping late, and waking up later. or ppl with less than 8 hrs of sleep. most of my peers can take it. i cant. i dunno why. i need the min 8 hrs, YET i dun like to wake up later than 11am (whoa thats really late leow). a few rare occasions when i went home later than usual ( 3-4am, or once, 6.30am) i sleep less than 5 hrs, i have to wake up and do chores. CHORES? yes, chores. weekly moping of floor/sweeping.. with my 'packed' weekends of jammings and meeting up and going out with bf/friends/etc... i WANT to laze around, i WANT to do no housework... but i cant. i have responsibilities. which brings me to the NEXT point.

i got loving grandma. she'll make sure she'll have breakfast for me everyday sat and sunday coz i'll be at home, and scared i'll be hungry without breakfast. now... if i were to wake up later than breakfast time (usually 10+), or nearing lunch time... the food would have gone soggy/cold/watever... which i can warm up later or i'll still eat it. problem is... my grandma, lovingly as she is, likes to nag. and make it a sarcastic one. threatened she wont buy breakfast and stuff if i keep 'wasting' her breakfast etc etc... so i HAVE to eat it by proper meal time.

or i can just solve all these by just saying no? no to wat?
i'm feeling like stitch all over again. *bites both toes and rolled into a ball*

Friday, November 28, 2003

end of the mth resolutions

i decided to do this end of the mth thingy...
why? i dunno.

i resolve to:
1) be passionate abt my job. yes, i always complain how this and how that abt my work/office/colleagues. i shall frm today forth be passionate, and do my best (not that i didnt all the while).
2) not be affected by what ppl say too much. yes, i'm always tryin to 'fit in' into society/friends/family's ideals of wat i shld or shld not do. watever i do/did and watever their comments is.... fuck it.
3) give thanks to whoever/watever/whenever. i'm thankful my family members are healthy, happy and i got everything i wanted, am grateful, and of course, i'm very very lucky that i got a loving boyfriend.

the world is chaotic enough. enough of sadness. bla bla. u gotta work it, if u want it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Monday, November 24, 2003

argh. blythe attack!

just reserved this doll. the one i really liked.

and thinking of getting this one next

man they are evil. makes u spend. grrrrr.

Sunday, November 23, 2003


i am still not officially out of lynx. they dun want to let me go.

anyhoo... saw this really nice guitar. epiphone zack wylde series. wooo. nice. very nice. i want one. retail list price is 1350. :S but if there's the pink and black design, i'll definately buy it. altho i'm not a guitarist. but hey... pink leh.

but i already gotten what my bf would like as a gift for his bd... HALF A GUITAR! :D chipped in half for this guitar, newly in, but he's been eyeing for the longest time online. :) collecting tomolo on his behalf as i'm on leave, and got nothing to do... :/

ppl still owe me money, i still owe ppl money. aint good eh?

Saturday, November 22, 2003

not a good week

everyone's argue-ing
family got problems
i am broke
work aint fantastically great and satisfying
throat feels like a ton, and rusti
ppl owe me money, i owe ppl money
bills bills bills
i miss my mama and papa

i think i want to sell off alot of things thats cluttering ard my room and living room watever. i collect too much junk.
old magazines anyone? receipts, notes, mails, containers, mess, duurrt...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

aw man

shit happens when u are about to go on leave.

suddenly infinite amt of projects looms over my desk, with briefs for them as short as my eyebrow hairs.
and today a _trying_to_be_ well dressed lady cut into my queue at hawker centre, and gave me the lamest excuse when i told her nicely she cut into my queue.

'the aunty took my order first. if u want, go ahead, be in front of me'
its HELLO, YOU cut into my q, can still say these kind of things, and when the aunty DID ask wat u want, u just go ahead and ignore me. obviously, she wants to cut my q.

luckily that loud and obnoxious lady at the stall got the hint as i stood quietly (the 'articulate' lady spoke really loudly) and asked me wat i wanted, and gave me my orders first. :/

then met TKL, ALT and mr wong, with serge of coz, for dinner and pool... heh. was fun. but table is bad. balls are flying.
tired. off to sleep. i want a dog like oscar.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Saturday, November 15, 2003


jam 5 songs in... 5 days? i dun think i can catch everything man...

Friday, November 14, 2003


i is guilty. of not giving congratulations on the actual day! better late than never.

CONGRATS 5th UNCLE! May u have lots of wedded bliss, and its good to at LONG last see u met someone special to settle down with. :) finally another ang pao to add to my new yr anticipation! hehe... but then if he's at liverpool, then abit diff to get hor??? nvm.. there's fedex. or ups.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

havent blog for sooo long.

yes. i is lazy. wat to do?
as my grandma is on holiday at london (but she's coming back soon) i have to do the laundry. luckily, after 2 weeks of laundry washing and hanging and smelly clothes as the result of no sunning, my grandpa decided to help out abit by takin in the lighter loads after sunning them for a few hrs, and now it only takes 1 day to dry the clothes (and boy they smell so much fresher), instead of 2 days indoors. :)

told my vox at LYNX how i really felt abt the whole all girl tryin to sell to labels at taiwan... so yeah... now i'm kinda... not playing... anymore. yay. more time for me... urgh.
my office has no pin hole camera, but we are still under surveillance, there's spies everywhere, and yeah..

got two new colleagues as MR EDITOR is leaving... and guess what... the new ppl are all guys... there's no females in the whole office, except 3 of us (two is employed the longest of time).... the whole office is turning male. guess the boss likes males. *snigger snigger*

Monday, November 10, 2003



Wednesday, November 05, 2003


waiting for time to pass to go jammin at my workplace area.

hmmm wat to do alone? eat? walk? shop? chinatown? hmmm...

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

and my life is


and i plan to do these in this month:
1) finish arrangin songs for the all girl band 'LYNX' (thats the name hur)
2) save (yes, been sayin that for the longest time)
3) plan my leave and holiday
4) finish all my projects in office
5) make something nice, a whole set, for Ice. Probably a doll size Marlboro Menthols Light hardpack too. :P

the most unanswerable question of the moment:
what do serge want for his birthday that i CAN afford to buy/do?

Monday, November 03, 2003

rush busy mush

been very bz with jamming.
the all girl thing.
and i'm lazy, i cannot learn more on guitars and i sux at solos. heck, even riffs.

and i'm too soft hearted to say a firm NO. *sigh*

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


gum, head, stomach.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Sunday, October 26, 2003

never update for so long ler....

hi ppl (hear echoes of own voice, and a haystack rolled past)

been a real bz week. shall sum it up.

wednesday went jogging. i noe.laugh ppl. i dun normally exercise, but yes, i went joggin.
thursday, went drinkin with crazy muthafukas jason and litin. ricky was there too! for a while...and jason's frends are quite nonsense, but then... ok, we all stayed overnite until 6am, took a cab back home. boring.
friday, muscle ached, have to do marketing, then cook for 6 ppl, then after that do laundry (very very tired and aching by now)
sat, jam for FOUR(!) hours at beats merchants. nice place. :D
sun, jam AGAIN! this time at boons, 1 hr, didnt noe sara is tryin out drums for zort's and bd's band...eugene sumthing sumthing.

argh. took leave, to relax, end up many many activities ah. oh did i mention i'm jamming again tomorrow as well as the coming friday and sunday also?


oh i did one side of the tiny birks i'm making for ice. now to find the suitable glue for leather and cork material. anyone?

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

i felt like stitch the whole of last week...
esp the part where he gets frustrated and start to bite his toes and turn into a ball and rolled ard... yeah... i want to roll ard....

Monday, October 20, 2003

this is Ice.

and my office has pinhole camera. and no fridge. and no kettle/hotwater/distilledwater.
but my office has spies tho.

Friday, October 17, 2003


damn dam damn. dammit my blood is that sweet.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

i'm a band name



lots of mossies bite.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


still havent open up my doll to play.

Monday, October 13, 2003

disco boogie

my blythe doll is here. today. thats pretty fast, coz i just ordered on friday.

here's some tan jiak pics.


my white gold necklace chain broke.
been wearing it for 1 yr +, took it out over the weekend, this morning, broke/snapped. haiz.
so sad. my 21st bd gift frm mama.

Friday, October 10, 2003


past few days i've:
1) bot a gold ring. yellow gold. thin narrow. a beauty minimal.
2) ordered Disco Boogie blythe doll.
3) rushed sum corp projects
4) finally went shopping, altho didnt buy much
5) nvr go out for moovie
6) went home to eat.
7) right earhole giving me problems. seems infected. painful.
8) got a pimple below my mouth
9) walked in the rain during lunch. brollies with serge. no brollies in office. boss ask me to use faulty ones. wtf.
10) nvr practice guitar nor bass nor violin nor piano.nothing.

Monday, October 06, 2003

ouch part 423456...

i fell down. luckily, on muddy patch. unluckily, i got stared at on my way home. dressed in tee, berms, and muddy left knee, left toes and left slippers. no wonder. i wore slippers.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Friday, October 03, 2003



Thursday, October 02, 2003

list my bad points...

bashable face
short fuse
sore loser
think too much
spoil sport
boh chap
attitude (? can be good or bad mah, ppl...)
more rudeness, pettiness, bla bla
and most importantly

subjected in the eyes of da family.
they cant be bothered, i cant be bothered, i get accused. ah. this is the best bit abt life.
i am, 22 yrs old. stay in Spore for past... 13 yrs?
13 yrs i'm subjected to ppl's scrutiny. grades, my companions, my actions. etc etc.
yes. i am imperfect. i have flaws. DO YOU? erm, add my bad points lah, not ur own. i want to noe more. but if u guys wanna have a say, watever lah. bomb my haloscan.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

to people who tries too hard

been using this term alot lately.

zonked out personality.

lately, i dun even feeel like talkin to certain kinds of ppl coz they will just tick me off.
no eye contact, no gesture nothing. and wat u get? ppl tellin u things u dun really wanna hear.
bah. dun they get it? its not them.. its just ME.

Monday, September 29, 2003


is it me, or ppl like to pick up a fight with me? i got bullyable face? my face is damn ugly? ppl buey song my face? must be me lah... cant be the other way. i got faults. ppl who pick on me got no fault. grrrrrrr. and then, they will do the same emotional scarring on me again. 'dun take me for granted' 'nobody listens to me too' 'u are damn lucky'... bla bla bla. i DID NOT step on ppl's toes or tails or hinds. dun start by crossin into my safe haven zone. bah. me and me wims and fancies eh?

Sunday, September 28, 2003


this is MY blog.
i SAY wat i feel.
if my feelings hurt whoever is reading it, piss off. dun read if u cant take it.
simple. life is simple if u choose it to be.

Friday, September 26, 2003


snipped my own hair. its loopsided. now its ok.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

new wants

ok. its A want for now


i'm back to my one line blogging.

Monday, September 22, 2003

back. to WORK! argh!


Sunday, September 21, 2003

i'll be back

soon. KL trip is way short. too short. but i cannot afford for long breaks now. no school holidays. all working. sigh.

mouth in pain. brother is a pain in the asss. i am sick and tired of all EGO and MAcho Man-erism.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

ouch part 2

bit my mouth. again. and again. ouch. now one line of ulcer.
bite using my vampire fangs. ouch.

Friday, September 19, 2003

black sheep meeeeh ....

family is good. good therapy. so happy and contented to be with them. really miss them.

ok, if someone is ur elder, but is really annoying u off with sarcasm, and guilt inducing words, sharp tongue, finger pointing...

is it bad to purposely leave them out for a trip just once? is it really my fault? not like i always leave them out for stuff....
but... the elders expect things to be done for them... all for free... or sumthing... and i or we the rest have to listen and adhere to all their wims and fancies...

i am sick and tired of being the end for ppl to point fingers at, or blame, or watever, coz i'm the youngest.
YET i have responsibilities that the rest of my other elders dun bother. i have a complex family structure. its simple, but they choose to make it difficult.
i have to make everyone happy, so they in turn, wont turn to my parents and say watever i've done is bad/wrong/rude/bla bla bla.

i'm a black sheep and i dun share my wool.
no sir, piss off sir, no bags fool.

i am lost

angry. frustrated. ugly. shouting. rushed. uncool. unrelaxed. pouty. sulky. confused. crying.

i always have to listen to other ppls suggestions. no one likes my suggestions. my work is always in doubt. i really want to be away frm civilisation coz most ppl are just plain dumb.

Thursday, September 18, 2003


yeah. best wishes!

had a very rushed week, still havent got time to relax... will be rushin off to KL for DAD's bd... hope to really relax in KL. woo! lookin forward...

serge is sick. i'm worried. :(
see? my life is all emotions in one. happy, sad, depressed, estatic, frustrated, angry....

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


guys, remembered the KONICA camera i bot on my birthday and brought it to shoot with everyone including the gang of jooli+chermaine+cheyanne+gracie at orchard, and dinner gang whole bunch of ppl i dun see together for a long time?

the uncle who sold it to me didnt load the film properly. therefore, no shots are taken in that camera. meaning, nothing. no konica moments. nothing. and waste my film. thot he knew how to load it, but seeing him fumbling with JUST puttin the cannister into the cannister slot, should have warned me of him knowin shit abt this camera.

*angry and sad and everything*

found back old internet 'friend'

yup. this guy used to be the one i constantly talk to when i first started icq. wonder wassup with him. hmmm.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


i got to be one of the most clumsiest person on earth.

ring got caught onto my left stud earring while washin my face. the force pulled out the earring, the stud dropped into the abyss of my basin, and all thats left is my bleeding ear. urgh. rush to get spare earring frm my grandma... only to have this pearl earring, very mismatched frm my silver stud. no choice but to buy this white gold (very worth it, $60 only, quite chunky) earring frm Cupids Jewel at International Plaza. created a mini scene at the place(scaredy cat), luckily the salesman named sylvester is very nice, helped me to pull out the other stud (i dunno how to. wat a swakoo), sterilised the new earrings, and helped to clasped the 'rings. now got new earrings. yeah. thanks to LEH SINS for a good intro! ;)

Monday, September 15, 2003

nice ppl

i had a good day today (14th). its my bd. i'm very lucky. i have a whole bunch of good friends. maybe we are not really that close, but all give me alot of face. maybe coz i invited the lot out more of as a gathering, rather than 'LOOK HERE ITS MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATE FOR ME' thing. most of the ppl is my poly mates :), and a few other ppl like jason and sean. okay lah... not outsider lah... my frend ok? :D

thanks ya'll for the lovely gifts and attention and wishes and cake and drinks... :D

Sunday, September 14, 2003


thats the sound the girls of LT and KIALING makes when they want to touchy touchy each other. ok. was at embargo. chillin out after a wacky and long day of Jacq's and Rueben's wedding. very long day. not enough sleep. zzzzz. legs are tired frm walkin ard in heels. wore the maternity dress. everyone did everyone else's makeup/hair/etc...


oh yeah, biona+john+jooli+eugene secretly went out of embargo to get me a slice of TIRAMISU (no... not that MR tiramisu) cake, with a candle.... xie xie wor! tai gan dong ler! Wo Ai Ni Men! includes the gang of... jialin, litin, ricky, jace, gracie, charlene, ed, chermaine, cheyanne, jason... and not forgetting...QUEK! hehe. :) enjoyed the end of the day... cept for the next table thats like a chimney, smoking their lungs off... :P

Thursday, September 11, 2003

wat to wear wat to wear...

for jacq's wedding, her theme is CYBER TECHNO DISCO RETRO DANCE PARTY. all i have is
1) POA black shapeless dress (i call it my maternity dress LOL)
2) my mum's dress (definately RETRO)
3) black pants
4) the glitter top that the gals bot for me (got sparkly thingies. cyberistic?)
5) my yellow MNG shirt.

thinkin of wearing my boots, but such a hassle to lace em up and take them out. so will settle for low heels.
dunno which to wear. will bring all to jacq's place tomorrow. woo. its getting near. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


today went to see dollies with jace. veli nice! big dollies(dollfie) very pretty! but very very very very very very
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very expensive wor! $600 for a nude, assemble it urself, SMALL version, the big ones is $1K++++++++++++. crazy. only for the rich and boh liao. but veli pwetti! KAWAII!!

for those who ask me wat i want for my birthday...
i actually want motololo E365 handphone. BUT its too ex, AND i dun really need new phone. so there guys. thanks. i'll probably reserve one table at a restaurant... then makan ya?

no, i dun really need a blythe doll. nice to look at. but no thanks. :)

girly band

no wait. i like to type stupid titles. anyways...
URGH! now no more bassist for that girl band thing that was tryin to market to sum labels BULLS. suddenly, i'm lead geeetar. seow man. need coaching frm serge leow. anyways, i dunno abt the rest of the band members... but they seem alrite... altho... young punks/emo/shit influenced ler... i mean i LIKE NFG, Finch, MEST and such... but i dun really like the ppl trying to act and be those ang mohs 'punkers' altho real punk has lost its meaning now. whehey. watever man. i'll do my best, and try not to be disappointed if 1) the drummer cant even play simple beats to the songs to cover 2) bassist is (in a local band, really, so shld be good? i dunno. nvr seen em play) anyhow whack all chords wrong.... or maybe these kids are really good? ok... not realy kids, they are 19 and 21... so.... i sound like an aunty... coz i played for 4 yrs.. these ppl only... 1? half? i dunno... blabbeling babboon red ass monkey!

TL or tigerlillies or erm BD's band with REdskY: i'm still interested to play. if u all still wants me to play. jia you! wah.. all girl bands ler....

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

damn suey

chop suey. no, jacq's SLR camera ALSO dun work. so weird. argh. must be bad omen. i dun feel good... plus after we checked the camera, on our way back to office, this retarded uncle ram his shoulders into mine... fuckin old bastard.
lousy day today man... hope it dun get lousier.

recording is boring

yes its boring. again, and again. but becoz all of us is not that fussy abt the whole thing, the drummer took 3 takes, and me? 2... technically its one take... but halfway through the song, the vox distracted me by coming in and confusing me until i forgot which note to hit next. deh... its not perfect, but we are not that technically good either. wheee.

SAE sucks man. hahaha. no seriously. for the amt u pay to study there... its not worth it. maybe u paid that much for 'expensive' equipments like ADAT tape recorder.. (?) but heck.. ADAT or DAT or not, its just a magnectic tape that supports timecode, just like BETA, SP maybe... haiyer...
but overall, i'm contented with this band. veli fun. veli supportive. currently. i dunno abt future tho. but its been fun.

tonite meeting this old 'all-girl-all-image-is-easier-to-sell-to-labels-in-taiwan' vox, she and her all girl band... apparently, she 'found' new geetarists and drummer... and really wants me to BASS for em... wtf... not tat keen for me... but she's super persistent. just go lor. see how. but i'm not that enthusiastic. bla. serge. all ur fault. u ask me to 'join' her last time. wah lao.

Monday, September 08, 2003

boring ler

boring boring boring

Sunday, September 07, 2003


today i did
1) bought bus tix for me and bro to go back to KL
2) pierce my ears
3) got 2 kind of advance birthday gift frm serge
(i) Alien Ant Farm's truANT CD*NEW*
(ii) 2 geeky shirts frm WAIPAI. woop! for $10 each. cheap cheap. not that he's cheapo, but i really liked it. :)

anticipating the pain frm piercing my ears are a letdown. nothing. ahahha. okay. its abit weird sensation, but not as painful as the first time i did it. (just re-piercing the old ones that are closed up). probably why it didnt hurt much. before tat, talked to the tattoo guy and lady at the heeren annex. they remembered me. :) as always, when they ask when i want to do my eyebrow piercing or tattoo, i said no money, and they sniggered. hey. i AM not rich okay? need to budget properly first. but glad they are open to my own tattoo designs and to improve on them. soon i say... soon...

goin to record at SAE tomorrow. for those who remembered, its serge's ex-good friend, mr chrix (or my bro calls him japanese pervert), who is studyin there and needs to expose himselves to more band sounds bla bla.. so asked if we wanted to record. i'm not so keen myself. but ccb, ah liangzzz (drummer) and andry (vox) is SOOOOOO EAGER AND EXCITED! no choice ler.. gotta record. audioslave's like a stone. luckily, bass easy. ahahahah. plus no need to bring extra stuff. hope can kao tim everything tomolo ler.

Saturday, September 06, 2003


the camera cant work. jammed up sumwhere. why bad things like these must happen on me? hopefully with LT's magical fingers (ok, so she's the owner, shld erm, noe the camera better?) the thing will work. kinda cant help but feel this is a erm, bad omen... i'm not supposed to take pictures bah. things wont turn out nice... so... maybe i'm just too bored to be thinkin extra stuff. sorry.

Friday, September 05, 2003


pirates of the caribbean is nice, funny and SFX is VELLI GOOD! realised movies now are much longer so to established the story more, must be harry potter and LOTR movies... started em all...
ok la.. pirates fight scenes are not really that fantastic, say compared to matrix or jackie chan shows, but the STORY! so reminds me of MONKEY ISLAND! aye! the best py-rate game eva! aye! shiver me timbers! all the pirate fights, ship fights, and the witty tongue fight (exchange of smart arguements)! really miss that stupid game.

borrowed SLR camera frm Teri Ang. Stress. long time did not touch a film camera. must brush up this weekend, test 1 roll... and hopefully everything will turn out well on Jacq's wedding... :D

now will not just countdown to everyday mundane-ness in office, but countdown to the day i tender my resignation. lets start.. soon..

Thursday, September 04, 2003

leave approved

i got the most DUH ppl as my head.
reason 1 leave was not approved: boss thot its 4 days leave i'm applying. 19-22nd. guess he forgot i work 5 days week, and 20-21st is the weekend. *DUH 1*

reason 2 leave was not approved: supp told boss i'm applyin leave 19-22. *DUH 2*

u let lazy ppl be ur supp, u get sabo-ed.
bastards burn in hell.

leave not approved

a project coming in. i'm not aware of. dad's birthday gotta celebrate next yr. pls let there be karma soon.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

wakey wakey

yesterday, finger itchy. dig and rub rite eye until it became sore, swollen, and tearing badly. cant even open eyes properly. went straight to sleep after bath. wake up today o.O literally. one big eye, one small eye.

Monday, September 01, 2003

another day, another countdown

3 more hrs. to end of day. end of work. go home. wheeee.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

its the month of LOVE!

erm. cheesy yes? but dunno why. sept seems like the mth for love, of love, with love... CHEESY! advance BIRTHDAY greetings to JOoLI, LItiN (or miss chao tah), yours truly, NELLO and erm... alot more other ppl thats born in September. and of coz, who can forget? HAPPY WEDDING BELLS JACQ! yup, my dear ol gd frend, jacqueline goh, will soon be MRS WONG on SEPT 13th. may she have lots of children, good marriage, happy together forever, erm... yeah. so exciting, the 1st of my frends (actually, noe a few of my old schoolmates married, but.. i nvr attend, not invited) getting married. :D

got headache. :/
i want my HELLOMOTO. :/
i want my panasonic SL-CT800. :/
but times are bad. must save. save. SAVE.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

4 years

happy 4 yrs anniversary to me and serge. that's a looong time.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

material wishlist

1) own apartment
2) own jam studio
3) new bass (preferably a gibson thunderbird, rickenbacker, or schecter elite)
4) white+yellow gold ring
5) another pair of birk slippers
6) nike sneakers
7) new bed
8) philippe starck necklace/watch
9) dressy top
10) colour MMS camera handphone

but... i already got alot of stuff
1) erm, still haf a roof over me head
2) can.. jam.. at bmc...
3) still using my soundgear, korean, but active pickups!
4) my $6 silver ring still havent corroded to a bad state, yet.
5) got 2 pairs. this is bad... one is well worn, need to change soles tho. the other is a sandal, not a slip-on
6) i got my PUMA sneakers, and adidas stan smith, both still wearable. and converses... still wearable.
7) stinky bed, old... still sleepable
8) i got watches.. and necklaces...
9) erm.. previous tops are boring, too simple.. nothing dressy... no, i'm not tryin to be more effiminate... but... *sigh*
10) yar. 8250 still working. and still very new. just... itchy... for colour...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

summon witness K___ S__ ___...

yes, i did that oath swear thing, to tell the truth, absolute truth, and nothing but the truth. hehe. the courtroom looks big, and diff frm those u seen frm TV. the judge keep 'warnin' me to speak clearly and dun mumble my words. hahaha. guess i'm naturally soft spoken, esp in vast empty room with many strangers.

dammit, gotta be back tomolo, at 930am! dammit. dammit. sian.

Monday, August 25, 2003


10 more hrs to work. i think. still dun feel much better than i hoped, appetite's still screwed, gassiness still here... no more dull pain tho... guess 2 med didnt work... hmmm.
thanks ya'll for concern. much appreciate.
nice weather today. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2003


stubborn me dun wanna see the doc until today, spent $38 for 3 medication and 1 MC. :(
never spent so much on seeing doc b4, coz i normally see my family doc... so ex... boohooo....

wat was my sickness? beside bein brainless (dun think that is counted as sickness), i got stomach flu. lots of gas, want to puke, gas comes out. stomach is quesy. no appetite. think i'm losing weight (whooop).

Friday, August 22, 2003


feelin sick. dunno why. must be bad karma. LOL. seriously, i dunno. cancel everything, goin home to rest straight after work. :|

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


that stupid bugger 'molested' me when cutting my hair today. never trust a guy to cut your hair when he takes opportunity to touch any part of your head/shoulders for more than 1 sec. that is confirmed delibrate, and unprofessional. for $10, the cut is not fantastic, took longer than expected (coz he's yappin and yappin and tryin to 'get to noe me' ah beng style), leaned way too forward (assuming his body wanna make contact wif my head (?)), hands are too low for comfort near my bust area when pretending to 'measure my hair length (coz normally, my previous hairstylist *also a guy* just uses the comb to comb to the front, not using his hand), stroke my ear and head UNNECASSARILY, and tryin to flirt with me. the other two hairstylist (ladies) look very pro with their apron, esp the malay lady who's very friendly. too bad for quickcut, i'm not goin back there again.

GALS, you heard it frm me first hand.

today wasted my leave. thot will be goin court. then thursday the officer wil call to see if i'm needed to be a witness. wth. waste my leave. finally watched Bad Boys II. funny. nice. wham bam thank you ma'am.


blab. waiting at home ler.... on standby mode. goin as a witness for my ex-company's corporate fraud case. sian. took an emergency day off. hope to get it claimed back for a whole day tho... hmmm...

still waiting (1205hrs)

Saturday, August 16, 2003

new toy

i got a new toy, in the form of... VIOLIN!
wheeee so fun. now must cut nails, and TORTURE the hell out of family members. wheee i can hardly wait. :D

yes my violin is a cheapo $93 made in da republic of CHINA, comes with case, bow and rosin (stuff that look like uncut precious stone, but when applied to the bow strings/horsetail hair becomes powdery form). some interesting incidents at Swee Lee too... lemme try to recall:

first, we went to have a look, but i always wanted to try a violin. then saw Kalai, and started talkin to him. then the lady boss, shouted frm across the shop, askin if he's busy with packin, if not, she have things for him to do. so i guess, talkin to friends are not allowed while workin, but 'clients' is ok. wtf. i'm still a paying client dammit.

then i started to ask abt the violin, whats the cheapest i can get, so was told i can get 1 for around 100, with case and all. so wanted to test. then there's this French ANg MoH and his 'mum/aunty/relative/wife(?) *she's pretty old*' at the violin counter. this guy, got the most SENSITIVE hearin of all, looked at our direction right after we mentioned the word 'VIOLIN'. then he started to ask if we played violin. wat a way to start a conversation?

the guy is pretty talkative, asked alot of questions and told alot abt himself, even volunteered information. so then he's actually lookin for violin strings, rosin and shoulder rest. so, the other sales guy who served us (a very friendly Jumad) dunno what stuff is where, ask this sales girl to help. TYPICALLY, she is all slang, all smiles, when serving him. But of coz, i prefer Jumad to serve us coz he give the bestest discount. (HAHA, of coz wat) So frm retail $125, the best price after all that punchin into the calculator, the amt on the receipt is $93. woohoo. JUMAD U DA MAN!

weird thing is, serge keep askin the french guy stuff. he's so curious abt other ppl! actually i cant be bothered. u talk to me, i nod head. serge even wanted to get his email to keep in contact (WTF?) but after a while, we concluded that was a dumb idea. *roll eyes everyone*

ok. watched LXG. missed the front part (abit) coz LT was late. but its ok. story is... not well established, but doesnt matter (just like in xmen). the whole movie just have this "COOL" factor throughout. No wonder everyone says its good eventho there's alot of things thats UNBELIEvaBLe and totally unreal. but then again, its hollywood. or cool. or even LOTR-ish. go cut nails now. to play the violin better. :D


Friday, August 15, 2003

dilemma for now

should i or shouldnt i CUT MY HAIR?

Thursday, August 14, 2003

i feel weird

yesternite i managed to:
1) go home early, and save money
2) finish my neopets games and collect all the necessary points for the day
3) listen and practiced abit on the gNr song
4) annoyed alot of ppl on the net and irc
5) realising i got no goals or plans for the immediate future.

welcome to my quarter life crisis. SIAN!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

no more late nights

for the past two days, i nvr turned on the computer after i got home. why? just want to bathe, read, then sleep. sleep. yes. sleeeep.
realise the earlier i sleep, the later i wake up. hmmm.
and the mossies are still around! bagero.

eeek. have to jam sum GnR song for Sunday jam at Alvron, Bukit Timah. nvr been there. so far. bring own bass? eeek. Rocket Queen. Tough. Runnin bassline.

watched Secretary last nite. hmmm, its pretty slow at the start, and the action only begins after a long half of the movie. No wonder it won sum award for best original script. its really unique. never seen b4. Odd, weird love story show. SPANK ME BABY! *takes out red marker*

Monday, August 11, 2003

tired weekend

1) 2 jams in a day. at two different studios.
2) reviews are kinda bad for the dram-edy we did, so dun think there's 2nd season.
3) ok, life's not as bad for me as it is fr the rest of my colleagues...

okay. thats all for now.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

sumthing wrong somewhere

eeks. cant publish my previous blog. but its alrite. nothing impt.

goin 2 jammin sessions. so sorry i have to let the yuckygirl go shopping on her own. last minute stuff, and its kinda like 3 against one kind of thing... plus i already put off the jammin for yesterday to go see BD, Es and zort play at millenia. good job guys. *two thumbs up*, no no i'm SINCERE abt this ok? stop sniggering. i hear u. >:/

bought a type 1 jeans for $75. watever happened to saving? hmmmm. my first retro big flare jeans. kinda weird. heh.

Saturday, August 09, 2003


on friday evenin 645pm:

SM: why are u not in RED color today? its national day u noe?
ME: i'm not sporean
(other ppl laughed out loud)
SM: .... yar hor... thats a good one
(by this time i'm already out of the office already...)

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

yes. my title of the blogs mostly have sometime related to boredom or sleeping. yawnin. yeah. watever. cool?


yes was supposed to watch Bad BOys II, but ended at at 6pm, my colleague told me he got 2 extra tix to DADDY's DAY CARE. hahaha why not? and its an invite, and seats are first come first select... ahahah weird. nvr been to THIS kind of premiere b4. :P


no body reads my blogs anymore!
woohoo! i can...

leg itches. its the midweek crisis.
dug out my old CDs (ok not THAT old) and let em run on the comp, only to let the jimmy eat world enhanced CD crash my comp. :/

HAPPENING! this is the life. boredom. lifelessness. crisis. headache. yeah baby. where's my vodka?

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

another week...

to look forward to? i dunno. maybe. plans for the week is roughly like this:

tuesday: jam? nah, dun wanna go. with the problematic guitarist out of the way, SEEDBED can play their own stuff now. i no need to show any ropes. :P
wed: ???
fri: boobs raider. callin the gang to go. gang?
sat: Es and Zort and Biddy playin. accoustic. at... library? i think. yar. will confirm again.
sun: ??? ikea? shopping with LT?

headache at 12.30am. how cool can it be?

Monday, August 04, 2003

9 more hrs to WORK!

what a day. went jammin at 4, only to be told the guitarist would not even play for this @!#3kin gig. so the vox + drummer dun wanna tell me the full thing until after the jam. while on the cab to novena where we played, i gathered the story is like this in order:

last jammed on tuesday, agreed that its wasting time, just whack on sunday. friday got SMS, guitarist want to jam on sunday to warm up and prepare (last min thingy... again). everyone agreed reluctantly. fine.
drummer and vox both receive SMS frm guitarist, sayin she
1) no heart to play.
2) ask questions like is the gig impt or not, then suggest that she dun wanna play
3) says wanna study for her prelims which is on monday or wheneverwatever.
drummer pissed, replied not so nice stuff, sayin she's irresponsible, last min sabo ppl, leave ppl in the lurch
then she finally replied with us not being understandin abt her troubles and problems, she quit the band, dun play her songs and dun use her bandname. are you happy now? kind of attitude which reminds me of sec skool. wait. she is still 19. :/

vox cant stand her leow. kick her out. moahahha. wait. dun laugh at ppl. :P
had a good dinner, laughed alot, thanks to wacky ppl like LITIN , JIALIN and SEAN! ahahaha :D
sian work. *sigh*

PS: zort. sorry. cant do ur review. not so into writing anyways. :P

Sunday, August 03, 2003

broke at the start of the mth

yes. i am broke. altho i havent spent on anything yet , ok i bot 6 CDs frm cash converters, thats $5 each, makes that $30. therefore, i shall NOT spend a single cent after this. i am desperate for the savings man...i dont want to look at my savings account and shake my head in dismay. i'm a workin adult, why cant i save?

funny how we found the ULU-est CDs at cash converters. ok, maybe not that ulu, but SPACEHOGS? wow...
i shall eat LESS at expensive delis/restaurants/cafes/foodcourt/townareafoodies.... yes, food is very impt for me, but alas, in order to save, i will have to give myself a 'treat' onli... once a mth. yup. that'll save me quite a bit.

my bf offered to buy me the panasonic mp3 discman i've been eyeing on. but i think its better for him to save that money. i dun really need it. thanks babe. i noe u are sweet. :)

just cleared all my mp3s and re-organised them into folders. now my desktop and the main mp3 folders are so organised! yay.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

such a boring day

nothing to do at work.
yes. got paid to do nothing? yeah, i can hear the gossips forming...

do you wanna hit it?

SUM 41 gig at fort canning. then tomorrow (or today, later in the evening) is godsmack. TRUE OR NOT?
anyways, sum 41 is, as expected, very good band, altho stevo (drums) looked like the weather is draining him, dereyk (vocals, guit) is praising abt TIGER beer, the rest remained pretty low key and played their instruments... hahaha was fun, cept for smelly ppl (namely me. eek!) and ang moh girls with their hairy everything... arms, shoulders, waist...

they (the band. duh) played songs frm all their albums, half hour of power, all killer no filler, does this look infected( more frm this album)... sound wasnt that fantastic, partly coz its outdoor, and i stood pretty near the stage... after two songs, dereyk asked the rest of the ppl outside the barricade(to separate the 'VIP's who paid 101 for the tix) to come into the barricade. yes, we typical locals complained abt that we paid extra for nothing...

pug jelly opened for em. but there's no moshing. sound was horrible, cant hear the bass or vox... pretty muddled... guess not havin their own SE (sound engineer) is the down point of gettin good stage sound... but they are tight. :) yay for locals. or expats based locally. watever.

101 bucks down the drain. i guess. simply not worth the money. but i simply cant miss sum 41 either. :/

Monday, July 28, 2003


why do i always get headaches?
bad lightin conditions in office?
the weather?
or is it just me? i thot i was strong, but i'll always plagued by these 'sickness', and was always be the butt of the joke. i couldnt recall this happening, but my sis did, and even laughed about this incident, when i'm supposedly having this really bad headache/sickness, that i said i couldnt breathe. and she laughed. wow. she, like me, often got headaches, but yet i didnt laugh at her. no body should laugh at anyone for being sick. its just plain bad karma. now i know why she's closer to my brother. they both have that character thats so similar, and i just feel i'm damn outcast among the 'younger ones'. yes i'm out, oh biang, unique? individualistic? i dont want to be sick. yet when i'm sick, i try not to make others worry. dont spread any virus. dont share food. i'm always thinkin abt other ppl. why? i dunno. in the end, i'm not appreciated. just like my mum. altho i didnt do as much as she did...
heck i dunno. watever. i dont care. i'm for myself now.

didnt have a gd nite sleep. woken up in the dead of the nite, by mossies and heat. turned on fan. went back sleep. half hour later, woken up again by mossies and heat. fan was off. turn on. sleep. slapped thigh, think killed a mossy. sleep. wake up. fan off. turn on. sleep. heard noises. someone walked into my room. off fan. wake up, turn on. think i did this routine of wakin up sweating and turnin on the fan for... 5 times? more? i couldnt remember. but thats not the least.

question. WHY? i want to be mean. i want to be sarcastic. i want to be rude. just want to shout at my grandparents. yes. very much. but in the end, its not goin to be a fillial act. never. just shut up, pretend nothing happend altho can tell frm their faces this mornin they didnt enjoy turnin off my fan for so many times. is it my fault? no. i just want the friggin fan on. its not even air con dammit. yes you wont die frm heat or suffocation. yes, u'll save a few bucks. yes i'll end my whine.

Sunday, July 27, 2003


i still couldnt get to bring myself to fully concentrate on practising my bass. why? WHY? ppl talk to me on icq. its onli polite to reply back. :P
yes yes thats silly, bass is more impt, but i'm a ppl person. or person ppl. er....

nevermind. people will forgive my lousy bass playing skills with my killa charms. *evil*
que : roll eyes

ppl are enjoying themselves at zook out. i'm not. good, i save money. not good, ppl are enjoying themselves at zook out. i'm not.

ok i'm so bored i'm repeating myself. again. and again. and again. you'll get the drift.
i should save. save. save.

Friday, July 25, 2003

at home early. broke.

yes. home early. ate at home. save sum money.

current music fav:
1) live-heaven
2) goo goo dolls-big machine
3) the donnas-take it off

so... modern rock. its that mood thing... when u hear these kind of music, u just feel good.
not in the mood for emo,punk,metal...
not for now that is.

will practise bass this time. i promise!

HK director!

today, as i was abt to leave the office for the day, the director came in... early. so i tried to make him as comfortable as possible as all the editors have left and the one coming in is still, well, not in. pretty unnerving as he looks at u weirdly and talks weirdly.
'you have done a good job. by puttin in the extra bit in front. very good'
then u cant help but go *grin*
said sumthing abt me can go far.. bla bla... maybe i'm just pretty. HAHA!

embassy doesnt have good atmosphere. dun enjoy goin there. the MTV '2 Fast 2 Sexy' party is as lame as poppin balloons for games. yes. thats what they do there. *roll eyes*

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


work is pretty boring...
today the HK director is in, and was overseeing some of the work being done...
then when i was talkin to him, realised he's checkin me out, frm top to bottom, but i couldnt care less. later, my colleague was tellin me abt it. guess its mainly becoz:
frankly, i'm the onli girl in that level, and i'm the onli *NOT THAT UGLY* girl in the company. HA! beat that suckas! no no seriously, haha, as long as he dun do stupid things, i'm alrite with ppl checkin me out... if they even dare THINK abt doin stupid stuff, i swear i will not let them celebrate fathers day, or maybe turn them into she males... *heh*

the previous post i was typing happily, then internet in office was cut. maybe they DID suspect me of using it during office hrs... :P
goin embassy tomolo. shall check out if the place is worth goin... heard centro's pretty alrite.

checked out a recording/jammin studio at craig rd. colleague's frend's place. not too bad, aside frm havin no aircon installed in the room .. yet, and no hittin of drums b4 9pm on weekdays... its alrite lah.. the amps are pretty decent, coz they are peavey.... which are good (hey i recommended it ok? haha i'm the *O wise one*) and value for money. only one more way to go... test run this sunday... if things work out, hey, why not? :/ but drums looks :P

Sunday, July 20, 2003

grass is always greener on the other side

my bf told me, his frend's gf is envious of my job.
so interesting, and so unique, unlike her's... which is boring.

heh. thats what everyone said. i got such interesting job.
hell yeah its interesting.
my jobscope involves:
2d/3d motion graphics for videos, drama series, variety programmes,...
opening graphics / opener for programmes, videos etc...
done that horrible 'HOBA' advertisement b4, thats the bright yellow and blue thingy on tv....
special effects to 'make the video more interesting and less boring..'
printing out marketin kits for the marketing ppl so they can have as many sets as they want, without the hassle of goin outside to have it proffesionally color separated and printed...
same goes for namecards...*staffs are not that permanent ... yet...
cut namecards...
any lame thing thats linked to GRAPHICS or 2D ("paper is flat what... 2D mah" i quote SM)

hell yeah its pretty interesting...
i'll get project briefings like
'i want the graphics to be WOW.'
i'll get comments like
'you are not so creative are you?'
i'll get instructions like
'i dont care, i want it in 3d(full modelling of object for launch of object to mass public) in 3 weeks time'
i'll get blank stares when i suggest my ideas to them.

maybe i shld just stick to bein an animator. i'm real good at that. i promise!

i need zzzzz

so tired.
zouk is good. free booze, free food, free goodie bag, free entrance....

but tired. so tired.
walked ard the baybeats thing... nothing interesting....
was a hot day...
then went jamming... 2 hrs... dammit... so freakin tired...

Friday, July 18, 2003

nothing interesting

the bag
yes i finally bot it. saw a kid carry it once... bloody rich kids.... in fact, many kids carry it... teens, students... rich rich rich....

zouk in... 3 hrs!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

all is quiet for now...

nothing much today. after restin for a day frm cold/sore throat... its good to refresh oneself with sleep. :)

yay. goin to the VERY GIRLIE party tomorrow at zouk. there's food(gd enough a reason for me to go), manicures, palm reading and... massages! but if there's too many girls... think i'll be put off... wonder where is the boyfriend deposit counter and what will the guys be doin? hmmmm *in deep thought*
sometimes i just dont trust a gp of guys together, esp with the risin statistic of homos. a VERY good example is my office... wat more can i say?

really wanted to go zouk out, esp for DAY ONE, coz there's dirty vegas! *sigh* simply not enough dough. really must save... barely saved for this mth, and its not even the end of the mth!
dont think the stupid boss will even give me or anyone an increment.... bonus? my ass.... stupid sup keep sayin he'll fight for our bonuses... ptui ptui!

will practice bass for now. off u go. shoo. do something else more productive than to read my blog!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

all hell will break loose....soon...

ok. its goin to be a long blog.
lemme try by tellin myself/you the audience whats the good point and bad point of my office.
1) Pays on time. on the dot. money/salary is transfered by the boss.
2) CPF on the dot.
this means, unlike my previous bosses which not onli dont pay on time, but one got me hauled up for company fraud investigation, this company is safe.
3) its well acquainted with mediacorp ppl, and has lots of projects tie up with them
4) good track record with major govt depts so ensure jobs coming in.

thats abt it for the good points.
now is the bomb

MAJOR BAD POINTS*might miss out some as there's too many to remember*:
1) controllin of social habits: no eating out together as a group
2) implementing corporate norms in our creative side
2a) requiring all of us to LOG IN LOG OUT our timing for projects (big brother attitude)
2b) requiring all of us to LOG IN into diff computers to access files *which we do all the time and will delay us more time and eat into deadlines*
3) boss that will not listen to us and think abt our welfare. altho he appears to be concern, he'll talk to us, then more or less at the end of the conversation, he just wants things to go like this and that. not that our suggestions or ideas are ridiculously unreasonable, heck, its not even unreasonable. he just dont bother. simple as that.
4) a supervisor that, abuses his authority by
4a) when stressed by the boss, flare up and shout at us for no bloody reason.
4a.a) recently*ie yesterday tuesday*, shouted at me and i sacrastically answered him, said 'do i look like a fool to u?', which i really wanted to answer YES. he can shout at us the whole time, we as small frys answer him back once, and he'll tick.
4b) pushes unfavorable work *ie SAI KANG/ shit job that was assigned to him to us when we have things to work on and were rushing
4c) when he feels lazy, will go into his own suite and spend hours there, altho he mentioned / bragged b4 that he is capable of finishing the job in a short time
4d) SHE-MALE. enough said.
5) last minute rush hour. ok this is common for most company, but then, coz we are POST PRODUCTION doesnt mean we are SUPER FAST POST. goodness, even if they give a HIGH END post house, they will not do a 1 day, 32 pages of proposal frm scratch, or 2 weeks for a major corp video.
6) boss is very aunty like *read: middle aged-old aged women that likes to haggle to death at markets*
question abt his marital status, and he'll get defensive. dun think any woman will EVER like him. shld be gay.
7) take all of us as idiots.
8) constantly doubt me.
SM: i want changes to this project
ME: but i didnt do this project and i'm not sure what its about
SM: NO i'm very sure its you
ME: when is it done?
SM: when u are already here, early jan
ME: is it done by the other girl *that has left*?
SM: no no its you. i'm very sure.

few days later, nothing gotten back to me. proves onli 1 major thing. got the brain in the limp dick of the backdoor man.
9) give the producers creative input, based on the barely existing job brief, only to be rejected, left aside, generally not in use. when that happens, they still got to say, i'm not enthusiastic and not being creative abt the job. HELLO?
10) gossips. unlike us ppl here at post, we bitch, but we generally dont tell the main bosses abt how some fellow colleagues tick us off. other than us, the rest will just like to bla bla bla to everyone, including the bosses, and in turn, we are turned scapegoats.
11) fake welfare. we are unhappy. they talk to us, pretending to listen and be on our side. but in real fact, they are not happy wif our conduct eventho we rushed our asses for their dumb deadlines. all talk and no work means bullshit.
12) constant threatening that the job market outside is bloody bleak and we are damn bloody lucky to work here. get a life.

there's more i think... but cant think right now. might have repeated some of the points.
lemme try to tell myself, is the good points ENOUGH to make me stay in this job?

stupid brother infected me with his flu by coughin into my face without covering up his stupid nose and mouth.
with ppl like him, SARS will spread faster, and ppl will die sooner.
now my sis and dad in KL also sick.

Monday, July 14, 2003

10 more hrs to work!

hmmmmm gambling....

came back frm genting... beginner's luck...
won abit for my mum... :)
she's real happy, after a bout of unhappy things
ie. long queues at the outdoor theme park,
long queues to buy food
sister got headache and bro dont feel well...

casino at genting.... is big...
and i mean big....
alot of ppl, eventho its not school hols...
probably lots of locals and tourists, having the weekend up there....
weather's real nice... coolin wind, u dun even perspire...

goin back today.
will miss KL...
hope to be back pretty soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2003


had a great breakfast.
and there's broadband at home. wheeee...
the train back was not fantastic, but i try to get my sleep
*neck pain*

think goin to rest for a while... zzzzzzz

Friday, July 11, 2003


i'm goin back to msia. in... 5 hrs...
no work on monday.

workin life is a drag... esp when workmates are not entirely entertaining

Thursday, July 10, 2003

'but i look like this...'

well, today i was pulled aside and 'discussed' abt why i seem unhappy.
wat can i say? heh. stupid ppl, dun make use of quality time to do productive things in turn, turn all tables and point fingers at me, or others.
yup... all talk and no action will not change the welfare of the workplace.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

the wait is over...

wanting to buy a crumpler bag since late last mth...
until now then me and the seller consolidated our stuff, and will hopefully see the goods in 3 more days.
good news: i'll get new big bag to stuff me stuff in.
bad news: i'll be poorer by... 65 bucks. thanks babe for sharing the cost wif me!
*u noe who u are. hehe*

wait. another not so convinient news: babe, u gotta collect for me. i wont be in town.


lessons learnt on 8th july 2003 8pm:
pluggin in ur bass/guitar into computer will lead to a few strands of finger hair fried + electric sensation on ur finger tip; all if your feet are touchin the floor...

fingers gettin weak... need... training...
6 new songs to jam... argh... think i hero or wat? :|
wah sian.
there's nothing more to say.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

"...the handsome good guy, and the ugly bad guy..." ~City of God

what if u are the fearless, trigger happy, pot smoking, coke snorting 'Boss' of the slum, but you are just ugly and short?
*and i mean FUGLY*

Monday, July 07, 2003

*all names have been changed to protect them, namely me

++ the situation is, an LD has been loan to me for sizing and referencing material ++

SM: eh where's the LD ah?
me: here
SM: you didnt stick anything on the LD rite?
me: no...
SM: this is limited edition LD, collectors item...
me: do you want it back?
SM: ya... BETTER

unless i have 'i'm a big friggin idiot' sign on my forehead or teeshirt, SM is just being the big idiot of all.
sent a frend off, she's goin back to KL.
we talked, drank sum drinks, then off we go to golden mile.
then went out with another frend, and off to tanglin we go.
she bot a jacket at army market, and a pair of birks at tanglin mall.
the design is wat i like, but there's none of my size, and basically,
i cant afford birks anymore. but there's this nice mule frm timberland....
*donkey noises*

bro helped to install my soundblaster LIVE! drive II.
so cool, now i can easily plug in my bass or guit, and record away.
hope to write a totally useless and tasteless song and publish it on the net.
will probably start a 'LET ME FEED UR EARS WITH BLAH SONGS AND MAKE EM BLEED' station.

work work work. hope to meet up with a colleague's gf for lunch. :)

Sunday, July 06, 2003

23 HRs more to go b4 it is WORKDAY

things are not goin so great.
a frend's wedding plans are once again goin haywire, and the rest of us really got nothing else to say abt that.
seriously, its really bad. and the date and place has already been set, and its only abt a mth to go.
my frend is fricking out, breaking down, and this is... really stressful...
makes u really think if u want to get married and be scrutinised for ur every move, judged by society...

just came back frm KARaEOKE which i totally LOATHE. music sucks, ppl's singing sucks, smokes sucks.
and i just washed my hair(and i have to wash it again)
yeayea, i sound lame and bimbotic, but frankly, after waiting and idling for 1 hr,
nothing seems so exciting, plus the excuse frm the latecomers are ... well, he cant even be bothered to explain himself.
sometimes i really wonder, why am i still 'showin face' to these ppl?

its going to be a long.... week...

Saturday, July 05, 2003

WHO INVITED YOU? sings the Donnas.

anyways, CITY OF GOD R(A), 940pm show at Cineleisure, on monday 7th july.
who wanna go, tell me hor.
*keeps fingers crossed, hope wont be sold out*

wanna form all girl band. been lookin at the profiles of bands locally, thats all females.
havent really seen those new ones play... but i've seen/heard a few...

work is boring. more and more regulations are implemented daily.
the company would no longer be a creative environment, but a boring restricted corporate bullcrap.
got no time to sketch. wacom under-utilised.
leg is itchy. brain is fuzzy.

Friday, July 04, 2003

realise alot of those experienced blooogers have nicer layout. i suck at html.

gimme animation baby! no web. :/

sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky
sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky
sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky

to those just passin by... a BIG hullo. ya. :/

got comments i wrote too little. but who would really want to read abt me? moi? saya? i'm just a bored person, that sometimes slack in office and dont wanna do work. or at home. when i'm free.

today raining. dun feel like goin to work. not gettin my daily 8 hrs of sleep. and city of god is always sold out. but on a good side, got my sum 41 tix already. yay.

this haloscan thing is pretty cool. ppl can reply to me. yay. I'M MY OWN FORUM!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

so i'm a late bloomer. no, i dont want to join the crowd. i'm just plain bored.
hey if u are bored too, do a blog! :/

*shakes head*
really cant believe i'm doing this.
my first blog.

yippee. so fun.
seriously, u can sense my excitement. doncha?