Sunday, August 29, 2004

fast forward

would time move too fast i didnt realise i'll be gettin a flat, then ROM, then dinner, then kids?


hope i remember to 'savour' the moment for now.

idol of the week: badly drawn boy

Friday, August 27, 2004

how to save?

if u got less than $150 every mth excluding other expenses?

Monday, August 23, 2004

5 years and more

yup. its approaching.

been in deep thoughts abt alot of things lately.



life in general.

wont it be wonderful if life is simpler? i guess i'm tryin to simplify mine. i dont want to be a victim of the society, but i cant run away frm it. that much. oh well...

Thursday, August 19, 2004


u noe how good things, the good vibe, the good feelings... after it is the sian-ism?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

hoobastunk weekend

pictures taken of ourselves : plenty
pictures taken at the concert : little
pictures taken at the post concert very exclusive VIP party: nil

its amazing what kind of people we have locally and internationally. its not like we want sincerity, but least be nice.

we (the band) started out with so much energy and enthusiasm all the way frm jurong to bedok, and to sentosa. the hype, the bonding. i tell ya, its the best. we are SO lookin forward to having a good time, totally not expecting to win. Thus our beach wear.

already knew my former all girl band is there at the finals too, and wonder who the other two is. when everyone's settled down and registered, found out that one other band pulled out (prob a waste of their time, which is TRUE) so there's only one other band to look out for.

saying things like 'HeY! Dont touch my amp over there!' loudly in reply to a casual 'So how's it?' question really put people off. not to mention those looks on their faces. gosh, one guy even looked like ricky. but least ricky's a nice boy. sheesh.

man, they thought they would win for sure. they have it good, no mistakes, everything went well... for them. for us? our drummer dropped his stix halfway, but we went on anyway. vox dropped his mobile too... i missed a few notes... and the other girl band didnt sound that fantastic coz they had problems with sound. bleah.
that moment in time, we rather the girl band win than them hao lians. gosh cant believe i even cheered them on when they went up to play! grrrr.

they hung ard like bees to honey, or groupies (ugly) to rockstars at the stage. wantin to find out when's the result. win for sure... while we chilled at the back tent... tryin to cool ourselves off (boy its damn hot). so when they announced 3rd prize is them hao lians.... BOY DID ALL OF US SCREAM OUR HEARTS OUT! altho i quit their band a while ago, we are still bitchy people. haha! so its either them or us, and we won. man.. ah liang jumped like a monkey. all of us were ECSTATIC!

split goodies, went makan (lousy food at sentosa ppl, thats why BK got long q's), and came back for concert. saw the band (hoo?) backstage. not exactly nice ppl, frm the impression i get. got our post party invites, managed to get chris the drummer to sign something, altho his face is _yeah watever kind_ and we went back out to the audience.

we really had a good time. they were good, energetic, made mistakes, doug stripped his top hmmm sang falsetto . the IMPRESSION WAS REALLY AWESOME. that was the joke people. we rushed back to bathe and change and took a cab down ($13) to indochine. and MAN! we shld have U-turned back. not waste more $$$. no autographs, no pictures, no talk. too many ppl, too many groupies (male AND female dont ask) gosh the attitude! damn disappointed at one of my favorite bands. very tempted to burn their original CD (which i brought) right in front of them.

lemme just end this one:
there's always better musicians, with a better attitude out there, that i rather put my $$$ with. kiss my @$$ un-nice ppl.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


ok enough said. heee.just veryvery disappointed. haiz.

but we got thru to the FINALS of hoobastank competition!

Monday, August 09, 2004

hmmm sg idle

alot of ppl are just in for their 15 mins of fame. or 14:59 mins to be exact.

hur hur hur

Friday, August 06, 2004

hmmmm the war of PCs

loaned his laptop over the weekend, thot wanna have some fun with the ibook.

but there i'm hearing again and again frm my bro that 'mac sucks, mac cant do these, mac cant do that'....
and when i'm tellin mac users i'm a PC user at home they go like 'oh pc full of virus, hang, blue screen, pc sux, cant do this and that...'

come on... there's no perfect machine that operates without hanging at all and sans virus. EVEN with all the patching the bloody OS needs. like how the slob puts it, its a COMPUTER.