Sunday, August 31, 2003

its the month of LOVE!

erm. cheesy yes? but dunno why. sept seems like the mth for love, of love, with love... CHEESY! advance BIRTHDAY greetings to JOoLI, LItiN (or miss chao tah), yours truly, NELLO and erm... alot more other ppl thats born in September. and of coz, who can forget? HAPPY WEDDING BELLS JACQ! yup, my dear ol gd frend, jacqueline goh, will soon be MRS WONG on SEPT 13th. may she have lots of children, good marriage, happy together forever, erm... yeah. so exciting, the 1st of my frends (actually, noe a few of my old schoolmates married, but.. i nvr attend, not invited) getting married. :D

got headache. :/
i want my HELLOMOTO. :/
i want my panasonic SL-CT800. :/
but times are bad. must save. save. SAVE.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

4 years

happy 4 yrs anniversary to me and serge. that's a looong time.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

material wishlist

1) own apartment
2) own jam studio
3) new bass (preferably a gibson thunderbird, rickenbacker, or schecter elite)
4) white+yellow gold ring
5) another pair of birk slippers
6) nike sneakers
7) new bed
8) philippe starck necklace/watch
9) dressy top
10) colour MMS camera handphone

but... i already got alot of stuff
1) erm, still haf a roof over me head
2) can.. jam.. at bmc...
3) still using my soundgear, korean, but active pickups!
4) my $6 silver ring still havent corroded to a bad state, yet.
5) got 2 pairs. this is bad... one is well worn, need to change soles tho. the other is a sandal, not a slip-on
6) i got my PUMA sneakers, and adidas stan smith, both still wearable. and converses... still wearable.
7) stinky bed, old... still sleepable
8) i got watches.. and necklaces...
9) erm.. previous tops are boring, too simple.. nothing dressy... no, i'm not tryin to be more effiminate... but... *sigh*
10) yar. 8250 still working. and still very new. just... itchy... for colour...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

summon witness K___ S__ ___...

yes, i did that oath swear thing, to tell the truth, absolute truth, and nothing but the truth. hehe. the courtroom looks big, and diff frm those u seen frm TV. the judge keep 'warnin' me to speak clearly and dun mumble my words. hahaha. guess i'm naturally soft spoken, esp in vast empty room with many strangers.

dammit, gotta be back tomolo, at 930am! dammit. dammit. sian.

Monday, August 25, 2003


10 more hrs to work. i think. still dun feel much better than i hoped, appetite's still screwed, gassiness still here... no more dull pain tho... guess 2 med didnt work... hmmm.
thanks ya'll for concern. much appreciate.
nice weather today. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2003


stubborn me dun wanna see the doc until today, spent $38 for 3 medication and 1 MC. :(
never spent so much on seeing doc b4, coz i normally see my family doc... so ex... boohooo....

wat was my sickness? beside bein brainless (dun think that is counted as sickness), i got stomach flu. lots of gas, want to puke, gas comes out. stomach is quesy. no appetite. think i'm losing weight (whooop).

Friday, August 22, 2003


feelin sick. dunno why. must be bad karma. LOL. seriously, i dunno. cancel everything, goin home to rest straight after work. :|

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


that stupid bugger 'molested' me when cutting my hair today. never trust a guy to cut your hair when he takes opportunity to touch any part of your head/shoulders for more than 1 sec. that is confirmed delibrate, and unprofessional. for $10, the cut is not fantastic, took longer than expected (coz he's yappin and yappin and tryin to 'get to noe me' ah beng style), leaned way too forward (assuming his body wanna make contact wif my head (?)), hands are too low for comfort near my bust area when pretending to 'measure my hair length (coz normally, my previous hairstylist *also a guy* just uses the comb to comb to the front, not using his hand), stroke my ear and head UNNECASSARILY, and tryin to flirt with me. the other two hairstylist (ladies) look very pro with their apron, esp the malay lady who's very friendly. too bad for quickcut, i'm not goin back there again.

GALS, you heard it frm me first hand.

today wasted my leave. thot will be goin court. then thursday the officer wil call to see if i'm needed to be a witness. wth. waste my leave. finally watched Bad Boys II. funny. nice. wham bam thank you ma'am.


blab. waiting at home ler.... on standby mode. goin as a witness for my ex-company's corporate fraud case. sian. took an emergency day off. hope to get it claimed back for a whole day tho... hmmm...

still waiting (1205hrs)

Saturday, August 16, 2003

new toy

i got a new toy, in the form of... VIOLIN!
wheeee so fun. now must cut nails, and TORTURE the hell out of family members. wheee i can hardly wait. :D

yes my violin is a cheapo $93 made in da republic of CHINA, comes with case, bow and rosin (stuff that look like uncut precious stone, but when applied to the bow strings/horsetail hair becomes powdery form). some interesting incidents at Swee Lee too... lemme try to recall:

first, we went to have a look, but i always wanted to try a violin. then saw Kalai, and started talkin to him. then the lady boss, shouted frm across the shop, askin if he's busy with packin, if not, she have things for him to do. so i guess, talkin to friends are not allowed while workin, but 'clients' is ok. wtf. i'm still a paying client dammit.

then i started to ask abt the violin, whats the cheapest i can get, so was told i can get 1 for around 100, with case and all. so wanted to test. then there's this French ANg MoH and his 'mum/aunty/relative/wife(?) *she's pretty old*' at the violin counter. this guy, got the most SENSITIVE hearin of all, looked at our direction right after we mentioned the word 'VIOLIN'. then he started to ask if we played violin. wat a way to start a conversation?

the guy is pretty talkative, asked alot of questions and told alot abt himself, even volunteered information. so then he's actually lookin for violin strings, rosin and shoulder rest. so, the other sales guy who served us (a very friendly Jumad) dunno what stuff is where, ask this sales girl to help. TYPICALLY, she is all slang, all smiles, when serving him. But of coz, i prefer Jumad to serve us coz he give the bestest discount. (HAHA, of coz wat) So frm retail $125, the best price after all that punchin into the calculator, the amt on the receipt is $93. woohoo. JUMAD U DA MAN!

weird thing is, serge keep askin the french guy stuff. he's so curious abt other ppl! actually i cant be bothered. u talk to me, i nod head. serge even wanted to get his email to keep in contact (WTF?) but after a while, we concluded that was a dumb idea. *roll eyes everyone*

ok. watched LXG. missed the front part (abit) coz LT was late. but its ok. story is... not well established, but doesnt matter (just like in xmen). the whole movie just have this "COOL" factor throughout. No wonder everyone says its good eventho there's alot of things thats UNBELIEvaBLe and totally unreal. but then again, its hollywood. or cool. or even LOTR-ish. go cut nails now. to play the violin better. :D


Friday, August 15, 2003

dilemma for now

should i or shouldnt i CUT MY HAIR?

Thursday, August 14, 2003

i feel weird

yesternite i managed to:
1) go home early, and save money
2) finish my neopets games and collect all the necessary points for the day
3) listen and practiced abit on the gNr song
4) annoyed alot of ppl on the net and irc
5) realising i got no goals or plans for the immediate future.

welcome to my quarter life crisis. SIAN!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

no more late nights

for the past two days, i nvr turned on the computer after i got home. why? just want to bathe, read, then sleep. sleep. yes. sleeeep.
realise the earlier i sleep, the later i wake up. hmmm.
and the mossies are still around! bagero.

eeek. have to jam sum GnR song for Sunday jam at Alvron, Bukit Timah. nvr been there. so far. bring own bass? eeek. Rocket Queen. Tough. Runnin bassline.

watched Secretary last nite. hmmm, its pretty slow at the start, and the action only begins after a long half of the movie. No wonder it won sum award for best original script. its really unique. never seen b4. Odd, weird love story show. SPANK ME BABY! *takes out red marker*

Monday, August 11, 2003

tired weekend

1) 2 jams in a day. at two different studios.
2) reviews are kinda bad for the dram-edy we did, so dun think there's 2nd season.
3) ok, life's not as bad for me as it is fr the rest of my colleagues...

okay. thats all for now.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

sumthing wrong somewhere

eeks. cant publish my previous blog. but its alrite. nothing impt.

goin 2 jammin sessions. so sorry i have to let the yuckygirl go shopping on her own. last minute stuff, and its kinda like 3 against one kind of thing... plus i already put off the jammin for yesterday to go see BD, Es and zort play at millenia. good job guys. *two thumbs up*, no no i'm SINCERE abt this ok? stop sniggering. i hear u. >:/

bought a type 1 jeans for $75. watever happened to saving? hmmmm. my first retro big flare jeans. kinda weird. heh.

Saturday, August 09, 2003


on friday evenin 645pm:

SM: why are u not in RED color today? its national day u noe?
ME: i'm not sporean
(other ppl laughed out loud)
SM: .... yar hor... thats a good one
(by this time i'm already out of the office already...)

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

yes. my title of the blogs mostly have sometime related to boredom or sleeping. yawnin. yeah. watever. cool?


yes was supposed to watch Bad BOys II, but ended at at 6pm, my colleague told me he got 2 extra tix to DADDY's DAY CARE. hahaha why not? and its an invite, and seats are first come first select... ahahah weird. nvr been to THIS kind of premiere b4. :P


no body reads my blogs anymore!
woohoo! i can...

leg itches. its the midweek crisis.
dug out my old CDs (ok not THAT old) and let em run on the comp, only to let the jimmy eat world enhanced CD crash my comp. :/

HAPPENING! this is the life. boredom. lifelessness. crisis. headache. yeah baby. where's my vodka?

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

another week...

to look forward to? i dunno. maybe. plans for the week is roughly like this:

tuesday: jam? nah, dun wanna go. with the problematic guitarist out of the way, SEEDBED can play their own stuff now. i no need to show any ropes. :P
wed: ???
fri: boobs raider. callin the gang to go. gang?
sat: Es and Zort and Biddy playin. accoustic. at... library? i think. yar. will confirm again.
sun: ??? ikea? shopping with LT?

headache at 12.30am. how cool can it be?

Monday, August 04, 2003

9 more hrs to WORK!

what a day. went jammin at 4, only to be told the guitarist would not even play for this @!#3kin gig. so the vox + drummer dun wanna tell me the full thing until after the jam. while on the cab to novena where we played, i gathered the story is like this in order:

last jammed on tuesday, agreed that its wasting time, just whack on sunday. friday got SMS, guitarist want to jam on sunday to warm up and prepare (last min thingy... again). everyone agreed reluctantly. fine.
drummer and vox both receive SMS frm guitarist, sayin she
1) no heart to play.
2) ask questions like is the gig impt or not, then suggest that she dun wanna play
3) says wanna study for her prelims which is on monday or wheneverwatever.
drummer pissed, replied not so nice stuff, sayin she's irresponsible, last min sabo ppl, leave ppl in the lurch
then she finally replied with us not being understandin abt her troubles and problems, she quit the band, dun play her songs and dun use her bandname. are you happy now? kind of attitude which reminds me of sec skool. wait. she is still 19. :/

vox cant stand her leow. kick her out. moahahha. wait. dun laugh at ppl. :P
had a good dinner, laughed alot, thanks to wacky ppl like LITIN , JIALIN and SEAN! ahahaha :D
sian work. *sigh*

PS: zort. sorry. cant do ur review. not so into writing anyways. :P

Sunday, August 03, 2003

broke at the start of the mth

yes. i am broke. altho i havent spent on anything yet , ok i bot 6 CDs frm cash converters, thats $5 each, makes that $30. therefore, i shall NOT spend a single cent after this. i am desperate for the savings man...i dont want to look at my savings account and shake my head in dismay. i'm a workin adult, why cant i save?

funny how we found the ULU-est CDs at cash converters. ok, maybe not that ulu, but SPACEHOGS? wow...
i shall eat LESS at expensive delis/restaurants/cafes/foodcourt/townareafoodies.... yes, food is very impt for me, but alas, in order to save, i will have to give myself a 'treat' onli... once a mth. yup. that'll save me quite a bit.

my bf offered to buy me the panasonic mp3 discman i've been eyeing on. but i think its better for him to save that money. i dun really need it. thanks babe. i noe u are sweet. :)

just cleared all my mp3s and re-organised them into folders. now my desktop and the main mp3 folders are so organised! yay.