Thursday, November 25, 2004

Over the Weekend..

i got married. hahahahahahaha

now ppl owe me lots of pics :P


waiting for the laundry to finish... so i can hang em up to dry...

PS: shoutout to JUSTINO! hope u had a very nice BD.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


i am sad my grandpa is unwell in the mind. and i am actually sad for my grandma, for i no longer see so much of her fault coz its due to my grandpa's behavior. just fingers crossed that their children would do something abt it soon, for the best of both of them.

on a lighter note,

a panaroma attempt of boat quay *spot the mistakes, but hard coz its really dark*

some of the attendees at wala wala on the 12th

long due halloween pictures, abeit only inside a van

Saturday, November 13, 2004

hello part 2!

hey guys!
thanks for coming down tonite at wala wala's...
really appreciate it!
esp come down, need to spend money on drinks! *touched*
it was a fun set, we all enjoyed ourselves, hope u guys too... ok.. maybe supper was better. ;)

Saturday, November 06, 2004


i'm gettin jitters frm thinkin of performance on this coming friday. argh! havent been playin for a long time... bleargh!

on a good note tho, a friend loaned me his bass driver/DI effect pedal so i can at least TONE MY BLOODY SOUNDGEAR! after restringing it, it's been giving me the SUPER BRIGHT sound which i loathe..argh!!! *stress stress*

wat to do? no $$ to buy a good bass mah, can only get soundgear. :P

well, today was a suprising day, for my sister actually wanna come along to my jam session. she even tagged along for the whole day / night until we went back home together. AMAZING! for a girl who's only other activity in SG is playing the computer!