Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i want


boss!? u hear me?


Thursday, October 13, 2005

listening to raggae and working....


its kinda amazing how i managed to find this job which is

1. less than 8 bus stops away frm my home
2. paying similar to my last job's pay, and thats just probation. after confirm got go up. :D abit better than nothing
(*ptui stupid 1 week hellhole place still haben receive my cheque NB)
3. 5 days workweek, 10am - 6pm (if no OT)
4. altho its ass(t) producer title, gotta do everything, including... MOTION GRAPHICS! must...keep... portfolio... this.. time...
5. at geylang serai. good malay food man! and haig rd hawker! RAWKS

the co is really small. say.. just me and the boss. and a part timer. its a small production house, which does their own post too... hope i can write scripts. nvr done that before

Saturday, October 01, 2005

its been a week of...

i wont say its hell. but close. lol!

started work at a photo studio, supposedly to be doing 'DI'. note the ' ' coz its not really digital imagin as i expected it to be, esp my previous company does DI specially.

all they offered, was low basic salary and commission based on total company turnover monthly. sounds ok... coz the commission is not based on say, only the jobs u've done, but the whole company turnover. so kinda promotes team work eh?

next its 5.5 workday week. kinda sucks... coz i dun really like workin on a sat. but they say... if not busy oso can no need go back. but cannot be 5 workday week instead meh? got work, then come back weekend to do?

nairmind, then its packet lunch and dinner, so u dun need to spend money on food. but what about time off frm the computer screen? isnt the time off less than goin out to eat liao?

procedures! lots of procedures to do certain things, which i believe i can do it in a single photosai programme. more softwares to use = more time spent to render, convert, learn, troubleshoot etc... when my concern was raised, they say, they worked together as a team, so cannot be just coz i do things one way, they gotta follow me. :S so i follow them lor, limitations and all.

nairmind. i can tahan 15 hrs working daily. but is it worth it? and to think, no letter of appt for me to sign. sigh... wat a shitty end to wat was supposedly a good prospect for me. kinda disappointed that they dun even have the decency and sincerity to prepare what was the most basic need of an employee. the stupid letter.