Tuesday, September 30, 2003

to people who tries too hard

been using this term alot lately.

zonked out personality.

lately, i dun even feeel like talkin to certain kinds of ppl coz they will just tick me off.
no eye contact, no gesture nothing. and wat u get? ppl tellin u things u dun really wanna hear.
bah. dun they get it? its not them.. its just ME.

Monday, September 29, 2003


is it me, or ppl like to pick up a fight with me? i got bullyable face? my face is damn ugly? ppl buey song my face? must be me lah... cant be the other way. i got faults. ppl who pick on me got no fault. grrrrrrr. and then, they will do the same emotional scarring on me again. 'dun take me for granted' 'nobody listens to me too' 'u are damn lucky'... bla bla bla. i DID NOT step on ppl's toes or tails or hinds. dun start by crossin into my safe haven zone. bah. me and me wims and fancies eh?

Sunday, September 28, 2003


this is MY blog.
i SAY wat i feel.
if my feelings hurt whoever is reading it, piss off. dun read if u cant take it.
simple. life is simple if u choose it to be.

Friday, September 26, 2003


snipped my own hair. its loopsided. now its ok.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

new wants

ok. its A want for now


i'm back to my one line blogging.

Monday, September 22, 2003

back. to WORK! argh!


Sunday, September 21, 2003

i'll be back

soon. KL trip is way short. too short. but i cannot afford for long breaks now. no school holidays. all working. sigh.

mouth in pain. brother is a pain in the asss. i am sick and tired of all EGO and MAcho Man-erism.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

ouch part 2

bit my mouth. again. and again. ouch. now one line of ulcer.
bite using my vampire fangs. ouch.

Friday, September 19, 2003

black sheep meeeeh ....

family is good. good therapy. so happy and contented to be with them. really miss them.

ok, if someone is ur elder, but is really annoying u off with sarcasm, and guilt inducing words, sharp tongue, finger pointing...

is it bad to purposely leave them out for a trip just once? is it really my fault? not like i always leave them out for stuff....
but... the elders expect things to be done for them... all for free... or sumthing... and i or we the rest have to listen and adhere to all their wims and fancies...

i am sick and tired of being the end for ppl to point fingers at, or blame, or watever, coz i'm the youngest.
YET i have responsibilities that the rest of my other elders dun bother. i have a complex family structure. its simple, but they choose to make it difficult.
i have to make everyone happy, so they in turn, wont turn to my parents and say watever i've done is bad/wrong/rude/bla bla bla.

i'm a black sheep and i dun share my wool.
no sir, piss off sir, no bags fool.

i am lost

angry. frustrated. ugly. shouting. rushed. uncool. unrelaxed. pouty. sulky. confused. crying.

i always have to listen to other ppls suggestions. no one likes my suggestions. my work is always in doubt. i really want to be away frm civilisation coz most ppl are just plain dumb.

Thursday, September 18, 2003


yeah. best wishes!

had a very rushed week, still havent got time to relax... will be rushin off to KL for DAD's bd... hope to really relax in KL. woo! lookin forward...

serge is sick. i'm worried. :(
see? my life is all emotions in one. happy, sad, depressed, estatic, frustrated, angry....

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


guys, remembered the KONICA camera i bot on my birthday and brought it to shoot with everyone including the gang of jooli+chermaine+cheyanne+gracie at orchard, and dinner gang whole bunch of ppl i dun see together for a long time?

the uncle who sold it to me didnt load the film properly. therefore, no shots are taken in that camera. meaning, nothing. no konica moments. nothing. and waste my film. thot he knew how to load it, but seeing him fumbling with JUST puttin the cannister into the cannister slot, should have warned me of him knowin shit abt this camera.

*angry and sad and everything*

found back old internet 'friend'

yup. this guy used to be the one i constantly talk to when i first started icq. wonder wassup with him. hmmm.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


i got to be one of the most clumsiest person on earth.

ring got caught onto my left stud earring while washin my face. the force pulled out the earring, the stud dropped into the abyss of my basin, and all thats left is my bleeding ear. urgh. rush to get spare earring frm my grandma... only to have this pearl earring, very mismatched frm my silver stud. no choice but to buy this white gold (very worth it, $60 only, quite chunky) earring frm Cupids Jewel at International Plaza. created a mini scene at the place(scaredy cat), luckily the salesman named sylvester is very nice, helped me to pull out the other stud (i dunno how to. wat a swakoo), sterilised the new earrings, and helped to clasped the 'rings. now got new earrings. yeah. thanks to LEH SINS for a good intro! ;)

Monday, September 15, 2003

nice ppl

i had a good day today (14th). its my bd. i'm very lucky. i have a whole bunch of good friends. maybe we are not really that close, but all give me alot of face. maybe coz i invited the lot out more of as a gathering, rather than 'LOOK HERE ITS MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATE FOR ME' thing. most of the ppl is my poly mates :), and a few other ppl like jason and sean. okay lah... not outsider lah... my frend ok? :D

thanks ya'll for the lovely gifts and attention and wishes and cake and drinks... :D

Sunday, September 14, 2003


thats the sound the girls of LT and KIALING makes when they want to touchy touchy each other. ok. was at embargo. chillin out after a wacky and long day of Jacq's and Rueben's wedding. very long day. not enough sleep. zzzzz. legs are tired frm walkin ard in heels. wore the maternity dress. everyone did everyone else's makeup/hair/etc...


oh yeah, biona+john+jooli+eugene secretly went out of embargo to get me a slice of TIRAMISU (no... not that MR tiramisu) cake, with a candle.... xie xie wor! tai gan dong ler! Wo Ai Ni Men! includes the gang of... jialin, litin, ricky, jace, gracie, charlene, ed, chermaine, cheyanne, jason... and not forgetting...QUEK! hehe. :) enjoyed the end of the day... cept for the next table thats like a chimney, smoking their lungs off... :P

Thursday, September 11, 2003

wat to wear wat to wear...

for jacq's wedding, her theme is CYBER TECHNO DISCO RETRO DANCE PARTY. all i have is
1) POA black shapeless dress (i call it my maternity dress LOL)
2) my mum's dress (definately RETRO)
3) black pants
4) the glitter top that the gals bot for me (got sparkly thingies. cyberistic?)
5) my yellow MNG shirt.

thinkin of wearing my boots, but such a hassle to lace em up and take them out. so will settle for low heels.
dunno which to wear. will bring all to jacq's place tomorrow. woo. its getting near. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


today went to see dollies with jace. veli nice! big dollies(dollfie) very pretty! but very very very very very very
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very expensive wor! $600 for a nude, assemble it urself, SMALL version, the big ones is $1K++++++++++++. crazy. only for the rich and boh liao. but veli pwetti! KAWAII!!

for those who ask me wat i want for my birthday...
i actually want motololo E365 handphone. BUT its too ex, AND i dun really need new phone. so there guys. thanks. i'll probably reserve one table at a restaurant... then makan ya?

no, i dun really need a blythe doll. nice to look at. but no thanks. :)

girly band

no wait. i like to type stupid titles. anyways...
URGH! now no more bassist for that girl band thing that was tryin to market to sum labels BULLS. suddenly, i'm lead geeetar. seow man. need coaching frm serge leow. anyways, i dunno abt the rest of the band members... but they seem alrite... altho... young punks/emo/shit influenced ler... i mean i LIKE NFG, Finch, MEST and such... but i dun really like the ppl trying to act and be those ang mohs 'punkers' altho real punk has lost its meaning now. whehey. watever man. i'll do my best, and try not to be disappointed if 1) the drummer cant even play simple beats to the songs to cover 2) bassist is (in a local band, really, so shld be good? i dunno. nvr seen em play) anyhow whack all chords wrong.... or maybe these kids are really good? ok... not realy kids, they are 19 and 21... so.... i sound like an aunty... coz i played for 4 yrs.. these ppl only... 1? half? i dunno... blabbeling babboon red ass monkey!

TL or tigerlillies or erm BD's band with REdskY: i'm still interested to play. if u all still wants me to play. jia you! wah.. all girl bands ler....

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

damn suey

chop suey. no, jacq's SLR camera ALSO dun work. so weird. argh. must be bad omen. i dun feel good... plus after we checked the camera, on our way back to office, this retarded uncle ram his shoulders into mine... fuckin old bastard.
lousy day today man... hope it dun get lousier.

recording is boring

yes its boring. again, and again. but becoz all of us is not that fussy abt the whole thing, the drummer took 3 takes, and me? 2... technically its one take... but halfway through the song, the vox distracted me by coming in and confusing me until i forgot which note to hit next. deh... its not perfect, but we are not that technically good either. wheee.

SAE sucks man. hahaha. no seriously. for the amt u pay to study there... its not worth it. maybe u paid that much for 'expensive' equipments like ADAT tape recorder.. (?) but heck.. ADAT or DAT or not, its just a magnectic tape that supports timecode, just like BETA, SP maybe... haiyer...
but overall, i'm contented with this band. veli fun. veli supportive. currently. i dunno abt future tho. but its been fun.

tonite meeting this old 'all-girl-all-image-is-easier-to-sell-to-labels-in-taiwan' vox, she and her all girl band... apparently, she 'found' new geetarists and drummer... and really wants me to BASS for em... wtf... not tat keen for me... but she's super persistent. just go lor. see how. but i'm not that enthusiastic. bla. serge. all ur fault. u ask me to 'join' her last time. wah lao.

Monday, September 08, 2003

boring ler

boring boring boring

Sunday, September 07, 2003


today i did
1) bought bus tix for me and bro to go back to KL
2) pierce my ears
3) got 2 kind of advance birthday gift frm serge
(i) Alien Ant Farm's truANT CD*NEW*
(ii) 2 geeky shirts frm WAIPAI. woop! for $10 each. cheap cheap. not that he's cheapo, but i really liked it. :)

anticipating the pain frm piercing my ears are a letdown. nothing. ahahha. okay. its abit weird sensation, but not as painful as the first time i did it. (just re-piercing the old ones that are closed up). probably why it didnt hurt much. before tat, talked to the tattoo guy and lady at the heeren annex. they remembered me. :) as always, when they ask when i want to do my eyebrow piercing or tattoo, i said no money, and they sniggered. hey. i AM not rich okay? need to budget properly first. but glad they are open to my own tattoo designs and to improve on them. soon i say... soon...

goin to record at SAE tomorrow. for those who remembered, its serge's ex-good friend, mr chrix (or my bro calls him japanese pervert), who is studyin there and needs to expose himselves to more band sounds bla bla.. so asked if we wanted to record. i'm not so keen myself. but ccb, ah liangzzz (drummer) and andry (vox) is SOOOOOO EAGER AND EXCITED! no choice ler.. gotta record. audioslave's like a stone. luckily, bass easy. ahahahah. plus no need to bring extra stuff. hope can kao tim everything tomolo ler.

Saturday, September 06, 2003


the camera cant work. jammed up sumwhere. why bad things like these must happen on me? hopefully with LT's magical fingers (ok, so she's the owner, shld erm, noe the camera better?) the thing will work. kinda cant help but feel this is a erm, bad omen... i'm not supposed to take pictures bah. things wont turn out nice... so... maybe i'm just too bored to be thinkin extra stuff. sorry.

Friday, September 05, 2003


pirates of the caribbean is nice, funny and SFX is VELLI GOOD! realised movies now are much longer so to established the story more, must be harry potter and LOTR movies... started em all...
ok la.. pirates fight scenes are not really that fantastic, say compared to matrix or jackie chan shows, but the STORY! so reminds me of MONKEY ISLAND! aye! the best py-rate game eva! aye! shiver me timbers! all the pirate fights, ship fights, and the witty tongue fight (exchange of smart arguements)! really miss that stupid game.

borrowed SLR camera frm Teri Ang. Stress. long time did not touch a film camera. must brush up this weekend, test 1 roll... and hopefully everything will turn out well on Jacq's wedding... :D

now will not just countdown to everyday mundane-ness in office, but countdown to the day i tender my resignation. lets start.. soon..

Thursday, September 04, 2003

leave approved

i got the most DUH ppl as my head.
reason 1 leave was not approved: boss thot its 4 days leave i'm applying. 19-22nd. guess he forgot i work 5 days week, and 20-21st is the weekend. *DUH 1*

reason 2 leave was not approved: supp told boss i'm applyin leave 19-22. *DUH 2*

u let lazy ppl be ur supp, u get sabo-ed.
bastards burn in hell.

leave not approved

a project coming in. i'm not aware of. dad's birthday gotta celebrate next yr. pls let there be karma soon.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

wakey wakey

yesterday, finger itchy. dig and rub rite eye until it became sore, swollen, and tearing badly. cant even open eyes properly. went straight to sleep after bath. wake up today o.O literally. one big eye, one small eye.

Monday, September 01, 2003

another day, another countdown

3 more hrs. to end of day. end of work. go home. wheeee.