Saturday, April 29, 2006



seen a doc, costs me $35. on a saturday of a long weekend no less!
plus there's work to be done. from office.


sick and have to draw storyboard.
worse kinda combination.

but anyhoo. this last week and this weekend is consecutive (almost) jamming.
thurs. fri. sat (break). sun. mon.


Monday, April 24, 2006

1 word to sums it up

(ie unlucky, dao mei)


first, it was a nail chip
that led to broken nail. and blood. and many ouch.
then i've realised i lost both my debit and serge's NTUC card
go doctor, give me a big bandage, yet the broken nail is still there -_-
then go buy handphone. at bedok.
the next day go parkway parade, got 1 shop sell almost $100 cheaper.
then to top it up. on sunday, this uncle lost his balance and landed his BOOT on my left ankle durin MRT ride back.

all within 1 week.


time for flower bath.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

sorry for lack of updates


i'm back frm bali. didnt get sunburnt. coz... no time to get sun-tan?
basically we went to work straight (almost) when we reach. 8am-6pm affair daily.
eating refreshment finger foods to settle our lunch most of the time.
climbed padi fields (challenging!)
balinese peeps are very friendly and welcoming.
the waves are excellent for learning to surf. not too big nor tiny.

meantime, i just got hold of her
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havent got a name for her yet.

i think she rawks!