Monday, May 30, 2005

i shall blog everyday!

since someone mentioned me and raisins 'die' leow in the blog cyberspace world... hence my title.

must u have an interesting life, then there's something to blog? would readers them if ur life is interesting? or would readers come back to boring but daily updated blogs? thats something thats going on around...

i guess my fad w blogs kinda slowed down a wee bit after having this job as traffic. hours are long, OT (without OT pay), bla bla bla... makes u very tired after everyday, and wanna sleep all days long over the weekends.

thats why... the revive the interest in bloggin, i've decided to QUIT MY JOB!

what a drastic move rite?
*hint: publicity la...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

big walk!

we participated in TNP annual Big Walk for the 1st Time!

the feeling of walkin in the middle of the otherwise busy Nicole Highway is damn shiok! hahahaha I RULE THE ROAD! :P

we walked *almost* 10km, had lots of fun taking pictures of fellow participants as well as friends (mostly hubster's ex-colleagues), chat and walked. goodie bags include freebies like sunflower oil (!), centrium pills, Nova coffee mix, jacobs biscuit and lotsa flyers! really handy for burning as fuel. :P

Thursday, May 19, 2005

new news/old news

man i'm falling sick. i dunno from what... probably the toffee caramel ice cream from wednesday night.

new news:
1) star wars 3 is great! not wow great! but great in general.
2) i'll be movin in my new place. hopefully i can get the hang of it.
3) someone's gettin hitched.

old news:
1) still tryin to change my career/job/watever.
2) still fallin sick due to weather/environment
3) still have tons of projects, half done, uncompleted, not gettin my ass to work on it. WHATS WRONG W ME!?

well, another weekend coming up... hope i spend much more meaningful time this time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


its been an exciting few weeks.

serge changed jobs. love ya baby! no matter what happens!

i'm gettin a wheeebit tired of workin at my current job. its just too taxing waiting for ppl to finish the job for u.

invited some guests over to our house, there's cold drinks now! and can cook!
come cook up a storm!

realised i gained a grand total of 10kg since poly days. boohooo.

went for my 1st SG Blythe Lovers gathering. and i'm not even a member! lol.

must really start to get my lazy ass workin again. TO THE FUTURE!