Thursday, July 31, 2003

such a boring day

nothing to do at work.
yes. got paid to do nothing? yeah, i can hear the gossips forming...

do you wanna hit it?

SUM 41 gig at fort canning. then tomorrow (or today, later in the evening) is godsmack. TRUE OR NOT?
anyways, sum 41 is, as expected, very good band, altho stevo (drums) looked like the weather is draining him, dereyk (vocals, guit) is praising abt TIGER beer, the rest remained pretty low key and played their instruments... hahaha was fun, cept for smelly ppl (namely me. eek!) and ang moh girls with their hairy everything... arms, shoulders, waist...

they (the band. duh) played songs frm all their albums, half hour of power, all killer no filler, does this look infected( more frm this album)... sound wasnt that fantastic, partly coz its outdoor, and i stood pretty near the stage... after two songs, dereyk asked the rest of the ppl outside the barricade(to separate the 'VIP's who paid 101 for the tix) to come into the barricade. yes, we typical locals complained abt that we paid extra for nothing...

pug jelly opened for em. but there's no moshing. sound was horrible, cant hear the bass or vox... pretty muddled... guess not havin their own SE (sound engineer) is the down point of gettin good stage sound... but they are tight. :) yay for locals. or expats based locally. watever.

101 bucks down the drain. i guess. simply not worth the money. but i simply cant miss sum 41 either. :/

Monday, July 28, 2003


why do i always get headaches?
bad lightin conditions in office?
the weather?
or is it just me? i thot i was strong, but i'll always plagued by these 'sickness', and was always be the butt of the joke. i couldnt recall this happening, but my sis did, and even laughed about this incident, when i'm supposedly having this really bad headache/sickness, that i said i couldnt breathe. and she laughed. wow. she, like me, often got headaches, but yet i didnt laugh at her. no body should laugh at anyone for being sick. its just plain bad karma. now i know why she's closer to my brother. they both have that character thats so similar, and i just feel i'm damn outcast among the 'younger ones'. yes i'm out, oh biang, unique? individualistic? i dont want to be sick. yet when i'm sick, i try not to make others worry. dont spread any virus. dont share food. i'm always thinkin abt other ppl. why? i dunno. in the end, i'm not appreciated. just like my mum. altho i didnt do as much as she did...
heck i dunno. watever. i dont care. i'm for myself now.

didnt have a gd nite sleep. woken up in the dead of the nite, by mossies and heat. turned on fan. went back sleep. half hour later, woken up again by mossies and heat. fan was off. turn on. sleep. slapped thigh, think killed a mossy. sleep. wake up. fan off. turn on. sleep. heard noises. someone walked into my room. off fan. wake up, turn on. think i did this routine of wakin up sweating and turnin on the fan for... 5 times? more? i couldnt remember. but thats not the least.

question. WHY? i want to be mean. i want to be sarcastic. i want to be rude. just want to shout at my grandparents. yes. very much. but in the end, its not goin to be a fillial act. never. just shut up, pretend nothing happend altho can tell frm their faces this mornin they didnt enjoy turnin off my fan for so many times. is it my fault? no. i just want the friggin fan on. its not even air con dammit. yes you wont die frm heat or suffocation. yes, u'll save a few bucks. yes i'll end my whine.

Sunday, July 27, 2003


i still couldnt get to bring myself to fully concentrate on practising my bass. why? WHY? ppl talk to me on icq. its onli polite to reply back. :P
yes yes thats silly, bass is more impt, but i'm a ppl person. or person ppl. er....

nevermind. people will forgive my lousy bass playing skills with my killa charms. *evil*
que : roll eyes

ppl are enjoying themselves at zook out. i'm not. good, i save money. not good, ppl are enjoying themselves at zook out. i'm not.

ok i'm so bored i'm repeating myself. again. and again. and again. you'll get the drift.
i should save. save. save.

Friday, July 25, 2003

at home early. broke.

yes. home early. ate at home. save sum money.

current music fav:
1) live-heaven
2) goo goo dolls-big machine
3) the donnas-take it off

so... modern rock. its that mood thing... when u hear these kind of music, u just feel good.
not in the mood for emo,punk,metal...
not for now that is.

will practise bass this time. i promise!

HK director!

today, as i was abt to leave the office for the day, the director came in... early. so i tried to make him as comfortable as possible as all the editors have left and the one coming in is still, well, not in. pretty unnerving as he looks at u weirdly and talks weirdly.
'you have done a good job. by puttin in the extra bit in front. very good'
then u cant help but go *grin*
said sumthing abt me can go far.. bla bla... maybe i'm just pretty. HAHA!

embassy doesnt have good atmosphere. dun enjoy goin there. the MTV '2 Fast 2 Sexy' party is as lame as poppin balloons for games. yes. thats what they do there. *roll eyes*

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


work is pretty boring...
today the HK director is in, and was overseeing some of the work being done...
then when i was talkin to him, realised he's checkin me out, frm top to bottom, but i couldnt care less. later, my colleague was tellin me abt it. guess its mainly becoz:
frankly, i'm the onli girl in that level, and i'm the onli *NOT THAT UGLY* girl in the company. HA! beat that suckas! no no seriously, haha, as long as he dun do stupid things, i'm alrite with ppl checkin me out... if they even dare THINK abt doin stupid stuff, i swear i will not let them celebrate fathers day, or maybe turn them into she males... *heh*

the previous post i was typing happily, then internet in office was cut. maybe they DID suspect me of using it during office hrs... :P
goin embassy tomolo. shall check out if the place is worth goin... heard centro's pretty alrite.

checked out a recording/jammin studio at craig rd. colleague's frend's place. not too bad, aside frm havin no aircon installed in the room .. yet, and no hittin of drums b4 9pm on weekdays... its alrite lah.. the amps are pretty decent, coz they are peavey.... which are good (hey i recommended it ok? haha i'm the *O wise one*) and value for money. only one more way to go... test run this sunday... if things work out, hey, why not? :/ but drums looks :P

Sunday, July 20, 2003

grass is always greener on the other side

my bf told me, his frend's gf is envious of my job.
so interesting, and so unique, unlike her's... which is boring.

heh. thats what everyone said. i got such interesting job.
hell yeah its interesting.
my jobscope involves:
2d/3d motion graphics for videos, drama series, variety programmes,...
opening graphics / opener for programmes, videos etc...
done that horrible 'HOBA' advertisement b4, thats the bright yellow and blue thingy on tv....
special effects to 'make the video more interesting and less boring..'
printing out marketin kits for the marketing ppl so they can have as many sets as they want, without the hassle of goin outside to have it proffesionally color separated and printed...
same goes for namecards...*staffs are not that permanent ... yet...
cut namecards...
any lame thing thats linked to GRAPHICS or 2D ("paper is flat what... 2D mah" i quote SM)

hell yeah its pretty interesting...
i'll get project briefings like
'i want the graphics to be WOW.'
i'll get comments like
'you are not so creative are you?'
i'll get instructions like
'i dont care, i want it in 3d(full modelling of object for launch of object to mass public) in 3 weeks time'
i'll get blank stares when i suggest my ideas to them.

maybe i shld just stick to bein an animator. i'm real good at that. i promise!

i need zzzzz

so tired.
zouk is good. free booze, free food, free goodie bag, free entrance....

but tired. so tired.
walked ard the baybeats thing... nothing interesting....
was a hot day...
then went jamming... 2 hrs... dammit... so freakin tired...

Friday, July 18, 2003

nothing interesting

the bag
yes i finally bot it. saw a kid carry it once... bloody rich kids.... in fact, many kids carry it... teens, students... rich rich rich....

zouk in... 3 hrs!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

all is quiet for now...

nothing much today. after restin for a day frm cold/sore throat... its good to refresh oneself with sleep. :)

yay. goin to the VERY GIRLIE party tomorrow at zouk. there's food(gd enough a reason for me to go), manicures, palm reading and... massages! but if there's too many girls... think i'll be put off... wonder where is the boyfriend deposit counter and what will the guys be doin? hmmmm *in deep thought*
sometimes i just dont trust a gp of guys together, esp with the risin statistic of homos. a VERY good example is my office... wat more can i say?

really wanted to go zouk out, esp for DAY ONE, coz there's dirty vegas! *sigh* simply not enough dough. really must save... barely saved for this mth, and its not even the end of the mth!
dont think the stupid boss will even give me or anyone an increment.... bonus? my ass.... stupid sup keep sayin he'll fight for our bonuses... ptui ptui!

will practice bass for now. off u go. shoo. do something else more productive than to read my blog!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

all hell will break loose....soon...

ok. its goin to be a long blog.
lemme try by tellin myself/you the audience whats the good point and bad point of my office.
1) Pays on time. on the dot. money/salary is transfered by the boss.
2) CPF on the dot.
this means, unlike my previous bosses which not onli dont pay on time, but one got me hauled up for company fraud investigation, this company is safe.
3) its well acquainted with mediacorp ppl, and has lots of projects tie up with them
4) good track record with major govt depts so ensure jobs coming in.

thats abt it for the good points.
now is the bomb

MAJOR BAD POINTS*might miss out some as there's too many to remember*:
1) controllin of social habits: no eating out together as a group
2) implementing corporate norms in our creative side
2a) requiring all of us to LOG IN LOG OUT our timing for projects (big brother attitude)
2b) requiring all of us to LOG IN into diff computers to access files *which we do all the time and will delay us more time and eat into deadlines*
3) boss that will not listen to us and think abt our welfare. altho he appears to be concern, he'll talk to us, then more or less at the end of the conversation, he just wants things to go like this and that. not that our suggestions or ideas are ridiculously unreasonable, heck, its not even unreasonable. he just dont bother. simple as that.
4) a supervisor that, abuses his authority by
4a) when stressed by the boss, flare up and shout at us for no bloody reason.
4a.a) recently*ie yesterday tuesday*, shouted at me and i sacrastically answered him, said 'do i look like a fool to u?', which i really wanted to answer YES. he can shout at us the whole time, we as small frys answer him back once, and he'll tick.
4b) pushes unfavorable work *ie SAI KANG/ shit job that was assigned to him to us when we have things to work on and were rushing
4c) when he feels lazy, will go into his own suite and spend hours there, altho he mentioned / bragged b4 that he is capable of finishing the job in a short time
4d) SHE-MALE. enough said.
5) last minute rush hour. ok this is common for most company, but then, coz we are POST PRODUCTION doesnt mean we are SUPER FAST POST. goodness, even if they give a HIGH END post house, they will not do a 1 day, 32 pages of proposal frm scratch, or 2 weeks for a major corp video.
6) boss is very aunty like *read: middle aged-old aged women that likes to haggle to death at markets*
question abt his marital status, and he'll get defensive. dun think any woman will EVER like him. shld be gay.
7) take all of us as idiots.
8) constantly doubt me.
SM: i want changes to this project
ME: but i didnt do this project and i'm not sure what its about
SM: NO i'm very sure its you
ME: when is it done?
SM: when u are already here, early jan
ME: is it done by the other girl *that has left*?
SM: no no its you. i'm very sure.

few days later, nothing gotten back to me. proves onli 1 major thing. got the brain in the limp dick of the backdoor man.
9) give the producers creative input, based on the barely existing job brief, only to be rejected, left aside, generally not in use. when that happens, they still got to say, i'm not enthusiastic and not being creative abt the job. HELLO?
10) gossips. unlike us ppl here at post, we bitch, but we generally dont tell the main bosses abt how some fellow colleagues tick us off. other than us, the rest will just like to bla bla bla to everyone, including the bosses, and in turn, we are turned scapegoats.
11) fake welfare. we are unhappy. they talk to us, pretending to listen and be on our side. but in real fact, they are not happy wif our conduct eventho we rushed our asses for their dumb deadlines. all talk and no work means bullshit.
12) constant threatening that the job market outside is bloody bleak and we are damn bloody lucky to work here. get a life.

there's more i think... but cant think right now. might have repeated some of the points.
lemme try to tell myself, is the good points ENOUGH to make me stay in this job?

stupid brother infected me with his flu by coughin into my face without covering up his stupid nose and mouth.
with ppl like him, SARS will spread faster, and ppl will die sooner.
now my sis and dad in KL also sick.

Monday, July 14, 2003

10 more hrs to work!

hmmmmm gambling....

came back frm genting... beginner's luck...
won abit for my mum... :)
she's real happy, after a bout of unhappy things
ie. long queues at the outdoor theme park,
long queues to buy food
sister got headache and bro dont feel well...

casino at genting.... is big...
and i mean big....
alot of ppl, eventho its not school hols...
probably lots of locals and tourists, having the weekend up there....
weather's real nice... coolin wind, u dun even perspire...

goin back today.
will miss KL...
hope to be back pretty soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2003


had a great breakfast.
and there's broadband at home. wheeee...
the train back was not fantastic, but i try to get my sleep
*neck pain*

think goin to rest for a while... zzzzzzz

Friday, July 11, 2003


i'm goin back to msia. in... 5 hrs...
no work on monday.

workin life is a drag... esp when workmates are not entirely entertaining

Thursday, July 10, 2003

'but i look like this...'

well, today i was pulled aside and 'discussed' abt why i seem unhappy.
wat can i say? heh. stupid ppl, dun make use of quality time to do productive things in turn, turn all tables and point fingers at me, or others.
yup... all talk and no action will not change the welfare of the workplace.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

the wait is over...

wanting to buy a crumpler bag since late last mth...
until now then me and the seller consolidated our stuff, and will hopefully see the goods in 3 more days.
good news: i'll get new big bag to stuff me stuff in.
bad news: i'll be poorer by... 65 bucks. thanks babe for sharing the cost wif me!
*u noe who u are. hehe*

wait. another not so convinient news: babe, u gotta collect for me. i wont be in town.


lessons learnt on 8th july 2003 8pm:
pluggin in ur bass/guitar into computer will lead to a few strands of finger hair fried + electric sensation on ur finger tip; all if your feet are touchin the floor...

fingers gettin weak... need... training...
6 new songs to jam... argh... think i hero or wat? :|
wah sian.
there's nothing more to say.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

"...the handsome good guy, and the ugly bad guy..." ~City of God

what if u are the fearless, trigger happy, pot smoking, coke snorting 'Boss' of the slum, but you are just ugly and short?
*and i mean FUGLY*

Monday, July 07, 2003

*all names have been changed to protect them, namely me

++ the situation is, an LD has been loan to me for sizing and referencing material ++

SM: eh where's the LD ah?
me: here
SM: you didnt stick anything on the LD rite?
me: no...
SM: this is limited edition LD, collectors item...
me: do you want it back?
SM: ya... BETTER

unless i have 'i'm a big friggin idiot' sign on my forehead or teeshirt, SM is just being the big idiot of all.
sent a frend off, she's goin back to KL.
we talked, drank sum drinks, then off we go to golden mile.
then went out with another frend, and off to tanglin we go.
she bot a jacket at army market, and a pair of birks at tanglin mall.
the design is wat i like, but there's none of my size, and basically,
i cant afford birks anymore. but there's this nice mule frm timberland....
*donkey noises*

bro helped to install my soundblaster LIVE! drive II.
so cool, now i can easily plug in my bass or guit, and record away.
hope to write a totally useless and tasteless song and publish it on the net.
will probably start a 'LET ME FEED UR EARS WITH BLAH SONGS AND MAKE EM BLEED' station.

work work work. hope to meet up with a colleague's gf for lunch. :)

Sunday, July 06, 2003

23 HRs more to go b4 it is WORKDAY

things are not goin so great.
a frend's wedding plans are once again goin haywire, and the rest of us really got nothing else to say abt that.
seriously, its really bad. and the date and place has already been set, and its only abt a mth to go.
my frend is fricking out, breaking down, and this is... really stressful...
makes u really think if u want to get married and be scrutinised for ur every move, judged by society...

just came back frm KARaEOKE which i totally LOATHE. music sucks, ppl's singing sucks, smokes sucks.
and i just washed my hair(and i have to wash it again)
yeayea, i sound lame and bimbotic, but frankly, after waiting and idling for 1 hr,
nothing seems so exciting, plus the excuse frm the latecomers are ... well, he cant even be bothered to explain himself.
sometimes i really wonder, why am i still 'showin face' to these ppl?

its going to be a long.... week...

Saturday, July 05, 2003

WHO INVITED YOU? sings the Donnas.

anyways, CITY OF GOD R(A), 940pm show at Cineleisure, on monday 7th july.
who wanna go, tell me hor.
*keeps fingers crossed, hope wont be sold out*

wanna form all girl band. been lookin at the profiles of bands locally, thats all females.
havent really seen those new ones play... but i've seen/heard a few...

work is boring. more and more regulations are implemented daily.
the company would no longer be a creative environment, but a boring restricted corporate bullcrap.
got no time to sketch. wacom under-utilised.
leg is itchy. brain is fuzzy.

Friday, July 04, 2003

realise alot of those experienced blooogers have nicer layout. i suck at html.

gimme animation baby! no web. :/

sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky
sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky
sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky

to those just passin by... a BIG hullo. ya. :/

got comments i wrote too little. but who would really want to read abt me? moi? saya? i'm just a bored person, that sometimes slack in office and dont wanna do work. or at home. when i'm free.

today raining. dun feel like goin to work. not gettin my daily 8 hrs of sleep. and city of god is always sold out. but on a good side, got my sum 41 tix already. yay.

this haloscan thing is pretty cool. ppl can reply to me. yay. I'M MY OWN FORUM!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

so i'm a late bloomer. no, i dont want to join the crowd. i'm just plain bored.
hey if u are bored too, do a blog! :/

*shakes head*
really cant believe i'm doing this.
my first blog.

yippee. so fun.
seriously, u can sense my excitement. doncha?