Saturday, September 23, 2006

sian leh

thailand under coup.

oh well, hope there's nothing much goin on, and things will be back to normal (for the shopping at least) in bkk by next week.

oh and things to avoid for the next week (for me la):
-anything peranakan
-beef / too much meat
-western food

apparently, these are about the only things i ate for the past week. SINFUL!
veg diet here i come!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006



haven't been updating much... sorry!

wassap w my life huh?

guess its pretty much work work work... took a 1 week leave to go back KL to make my passport... but tat was in july! :P

gotten sick... read the last post on sinus... i had it again in august! man i really need to take care of me health...

other than that... its

taking jap classes (HAI! KONNICHIWA!)
practicing bass (yes i've been slacking)

yeah lor. and reading other ppl's blogs and left mine untouched. boohoo... sorry diggit blog... i promise to treat u better!